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  1. Darlene Love Martha Vandella Minnie Riperton Linda Ronstandt Joan Jett
  2. Great pic Bernie - but Marv you forgot to put that we all got a table for their induction as well as long as you're dreaming!
  3. MJ

    Very sad....

    Oh god that is just terribly sad. I guess we should really take stock of the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.
  4. Great shots Craig! Thanks Bernie for posting them ....
  5. I wish someone would video it (hint hint) Perhaps it will light a fire under the band to get out on the road again - I'll keep some vacation time handy just in case...... I hope they all have a great time!
  6. Go ahead and shoot me - my brother bought me it for Xmas (Ram) and I still haven't opened the cello on it OMG.
  7. Yes I really want to go right there and watch it live, but you know sometimes you get there and they cancel the entire thing - but I'd like to see the Space Center anyway.... perhaps I'll go this year and see it all.
  8. always a sight to behold..... even from 3 hours southeast of it!
  9. MJ

    Harem Talk..

    Where is my noose?
  10. MJ

    Bagel Run

    I had my everything bagel yesterday - but thanks anyway!
  11. I take it that's your heating company?? And what's a bastages Steve???
  12. Ok - I went out for a walk last night with my brother who is visiting after work (it was around 5:15 pm) It's March - it's early March - it's Florida... I've been living here since I was 21 years old - but NEVER, NEVER in my life have I gotten sunburned after 5:15 p.m. in the evening in March (Aug-September... yes). I woke up this morning with my chest red as anything with tank top white marks besides! I guess this means I need to put sunscreen on after dinner for god's sake now!!!!
  13. And with this one - comes my 3,000th Hey Marv wait up!!!!
  14. MJ


    Sorry I couldn't resist :p
  15. Keith Emerson and Sweet are playing THE HOUSE OF BLUES......
  16. MJ


    I like to pre-order from Amazon and buy a bunch of books and dvd's from them, plus sometimes it's much cheaper and you can get free shipping on some things as well.
  17. I used to love to open the cello and inhale the smell of newly pressed vinyl - sigh.... and then play it to death!
  18. Happy Birthday Dave - have a great day!
  19. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts. Now WHAT am I doing up THIS early after a time change and it's my birthday no less??? Why I'm going to the gym again - someone please stop me!!! Hahahahah.
  20. I used to just take the bus in to NY - you have to be a mad psycho taxi driver to be able to drive in the City and make it out alive!!! Besides just the wait to get into the tunnel is like going down the shore in NJ - another nightmare experience for the driver..... it's best to go at 2 a.m. to either place - then there is very little traffic lol.
  21. As some of you know I used to be a die-hard Kiss fan. While staying in Sydney in 2001 at the same hotel as the band I walked up to some friends of mine who were in this large crowd. I was oblivious as to who was standing there. I was apologizing to my friends because the night before we all went to a show at the Olympic Stadium there and we were supposed to meet up after the show as we were not sitting all together. I went out the wrong exit door and couldn't find them or the cab we were taking back to the hotel. Anyway - I was apologizing to them about it and then I got in the elevator and went up to my room. The insulting remark came from Gene who was apparently standing right next to them and I just wasn't even paying attention (actually the entire freaking band was standing there and I just didn't even seem to care lol). I would love to tell you what the insult was but it would be thrown into the Cartoon forum for adult content. Needless to say I have no respect for that man at all!!!
  22. I liked 98.6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QMZJ6k-Nrs&feature=related
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