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  1. I hope the evening goes well for the entire band and crew. Like everyone on here - we wish we were there to support you all.
  2. I missed the radio show now that we are not allowed on the internet anymore at work
  3. I hope the new Paul and the rest of the band have a wonderful time playing Friday night... I hope we can hear something by you all that night - maybe a snippet from the last rehearsal??? (hint hint).... or a future live performance that we can attend??
  4. What great photos! Thanks Bernie!
  5. You just sign up and then ask to be people's friends - Jim put up even more photos today.
  6. Nutty Kids???? Nutty Kids??? To whom are you referring Eric??? :p
  7. Jim's just put up some photos - I see Wally is working hard in one ahahahha.
  8. Ernie's put up some new rehearsal photos
  9. If they do a show in less than a week's notice - I'm GONNA KILL THEM!!! Yet another event I can't get to. Those of you in Cleveland - I HATE YOU. Love & Kisses MJ Oh and as long as I don't see the Flying V going up on a wall I will still hope for a show with enough time for us to get it all together to go please!
  10. You can't post unless you are registered - Tommy put your glasses on please.
  11. MJ

    Shall We Chat???

    this evening? Anyone? Around 9:30 eastern or so?
  12. There's hardly any original Funk Brothers left now I will learn Ain't To Proud to Beg next since I am learning most of the Bros. great tunes!
  13. MJ

    Cartoon World

    In your dreams guys in your dreams.
  14. Fess up - who has it hidden in their closet??? HUH??? Nice pics Bernie!
  15. MJ

    Cartoon World

    Well at least we still have private messages - that's where I do most of my typing anyway!
  16. Rick is a lot of fun to "handle" when he's trying to get from here to there in the audience!
  17. MJ


    Please tell Val that I am thinking of her and she needs to remember what she said to me last night - we still have things to do in life!!! Please rally soon and get back on the board!
  18. Happy Birthday Steve Hope you have a good one!
  19. I wish they would have brought Deadwood back or at least did the movie to end the series. I hate when things end without closure!!!
  20. Yeah really - come on the poor man suffered from mental illness for years and the idiots out there want to make it something else.
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