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  1. Thanks Bessie You know I don't think I would have ever even found my love for the Raspberries again if it had not been for the internet and it's message boards.
  2. Yes Raspy I am ready to have a blast! I'll put my seatbelt on lol.
  3. I'm so glad I finally got my internet to behave so that I could hear at least the 2nd hour. It was WELL worth it
  4. Oh they are playing Go All the Way - I just love that riff. My brother's 45 was worn down to the grooves from me playing that thing. Sigh.
  5. I can't wait for the dvd/cd edition set to arrive - you know I haven't felt this excited about a (record)/cd/DVD release since the 1970's lol.
  6. I went to see Kiss in 2001 (yes I know). I went to 3 cities in Australia and saw 6 shows. I got to be in the front row 3 of the 6 shows and met them in the hotel and at a mall in Sydney. It was worth it - took me 22 years to meet Ace and when he held my hand and said "you were in the front row" I was speechless. I'd love just to see the Raspberries once, even if I am in the last row of the venue! I hope I don't have to travel all that way just to hear the Raspberries live though lol.
  7. I am so excited if they go out on the road again - I WILL FOLLOW lol - I missed seeing them in the 70's but I will be there - I've been known to travel all the way to Australia to see a band live - I can't wait!
  8. John - you must save the site as a target - I couldn't get any audio at all until I right clicked on the listen to and saved it as a target- hurry! You just missed Wally's live phone call!
  9. I missed the 1st hour - no one told me I needed to save it as a target to my hard drive to get it to play but I've GOT IT ON NOW YEAH!
  10. I can't get in I have been trying since 3:45 p.m. i'ts now 5 minutes away. My friend also cannot get in and she's in Texas - it just won't link to a live feed. Someone tell me how it was please - I'm going to go and cry now. LOL
  11. I was in the class of '78 and the last I heard from the guy who used to live ACROSS the FREAKIN street from me who now runs the reunions, still thinks I am living there lol. I moved to Florida in 1981! Needless to say I once received a photo of our class who went to the 25th and I could only pick out about 4 from the photos - there were a lot of bald and receding people there lol. I don't want to go back there lol its too scary now.
  12. Yikes! I haven't thought about Patti Smith's armpits for 25 years eeewwww - did you have to remind me? LMAO.
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