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  1. The episode is entitled "K for Kill Part 1" Oh and just so you know I did not randomly come upon this avitar - I actually own one of the A&E Emma Peel full length t-shirts where she is in her Emma=Peelers, which I wear to the gym all the time lol. And Lou - I cannot attend this year; however, I will make a note to be sure to go next year! Sigh I wish this special edition would get here already - I may have to go out and purchase the commercial one next week just to tie me over 1
  2. You forgot to send me the all important message "Mrs. Peel we're needed" lol. And what's really funny is I finally bought the Bonus dvd from the Mrs. Peel series - I was watching it last night with The New Avengers episode where she made a cameo. You know I can knock Lew out with one of my judo moves lol - he'd better behave!
  3. MJ

    Free Ride

    After seeing the dvd I really forgot how much I liked Edgar - he really was multi-talented and played all kinds of instruments and had this great bluesy voice - I never listened to Johnny but I Loved Edgar and the band.
  4. Well Dianed since you are going to be betrothed, I will only throw a pie at him but it will be a very heavy berry pie lol.
  5. I certainly hope so Don - that's a great clip!
  6. Quite So Steed lol - sorry I am a real die-hard Avengers Fan and Mrs. Peel was my idol growing up lol. But if we are destined to flirt, so let it be. And Lew - I think I've decided to throw things at you lmao.
  7. Ken is definitely doing his bit - so far I haven't read one even "so-so" review - everyone appears to be raving!
  8. Well Mr. Lou - I was married in NEW JERSEY not Florida lol. I didn't move to Florida until I was 21, so the marriage and divorce ARE legal. Let's see I can't do math - and yet I work in a bank - balancing general ledger accounts lmao - I was 8 and I graduated 9 years later. Needless to say I stand my ground on not going through yet another ordeal!
  9. I have now become MRS PEEL lol! However, I will get started about Wally. Since I was never in the Ohio area growing up (damn my family living in NJ)I only have the viewing pleasures from old dvd and You Tube.....after careful study of the dvd's and video, I can see from the 1981 footage with The Secret, his guitar playing just kept getting more incredible (if that's possible lol).
  10. I'm NOT Marvin LMAO! I'm MJ! Ok now I'm going to change my avitar!
  11. MJ

    Free Ride

    I just got a copy of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert from 1974 with the Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer, and the first song played is Free Ride with Dan Hartman singing - I just love that song - it has yet another memorable riff at the beginning. Anyone else have an opinion?
  12. Oh I had to type this in - my mother, who is 78 years old, was at the UPS Store today, telling the woman at the counter about the new Raspberries DVD/CD set lol - turns out she is a big fan as well and has ordered hers. I don't know if what she told my mom was true but she came back telling me that the womans ex-boyfriend was friends with one of the guys, but of course, my mother can't remember names lol. Do you think I should put mom out on the street with a banner to wave announcing the upcoming release to rally our cause???
  13. I'm finally legal! After all these years! I don't know what to do with myself now, except get into some BIG trouble lmao.
  14. Oh don't get me started on Wally and his ass-ets lmao. I could talk for freaking days about him as a musician and back in the days extreme eye candy.
  15. Lew - I guess I am flattered at the invitation to marry; however, I am still reeling from a 3rd grade marriage to Lenny Shark. We were married by a soda can ring in front of the entire 3rd grade class on the playground. We were married for 8 years and he shocked me at our high school graduation party by asking for a divorce! Needless to say I was so stunned and hurt by this that I have never been able to take the plunge again. I am so new here besides - what is WAB? I assume it is a weekend somewhere lol.
  16. Oh I had nothing to do with posting them online - I'm just glad someone else did and I happened to find them We need more vintage clips of everyone in the band when they were with others - it's pretty cool!
  17. Yes I've seen it as well - You Tube is a god-send for all vintage video that we need to see lol.
  18. They rocked that's for sure!
  19. I can't believe I found this - I was just looking for The Choir or Wally stuff and there it was OMG!
  20. Look what I just found If it doesn't work just type in Wally Bryson and it will have the 3 on there!
  21. Marv, I have the utmost confidence when I say that I am female, and I do not believe I have ever resembled you, Sam or Wally lmao!! Not that there is anything wrong with you, Sam or Wally lol.
  22. It's too bad they didn't include It's Cold Outside - I would have loved to hear or see it as I did not attend any of the reunion shows.
  23. Yes another great review! Poor Wal - It never even occurred to me until I read this post. Not everyone can look 26 again at 58.
  24. I was watching/listening to Play On and I Wanna Be with you when it suddenly occurred to me that these songs need to be in a movie - either in the movie itself or at the closing titles - these are classic tunes that transend time and need to be heard in a big screen theatre - either that or we must have a Raspberries movie that will satisfy my craving for all things Raspberry!!!! With all the interest in Dream Girls and Jersey Boys - I think the time is right, anyone agree? I'm just trying to figure out who would play them - I'm kind of stuck there, but the actors would have to lip synch and let the Berries do the playing and the singing lol.
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