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  1. Thank you Eric and the rest of the band for giving us a treasured memory
  2. Well I'll just go at lunch - I must have something to tie me over until the special edition comes - and most of you probably won't even get yours before WAB's! Bernie will have to share!
  3. I'm home for lunch and most of this morning I've spent planning tomorrow's plan to get the commercial release. Sure we have the FDIC doing their annual audit of the bank this week, but me I'm sitting trying to decide the following: I get up at 4:30 anyway on Tuesdays to go work out at the gym before work, do I want to..... drive immediately to the 24 hour Walmart and see if they have it out at 5 in the a.m., or.... wait until lunch and go to Best Buy and pick it up then? Will I be able to close my office door and pop the cd/dvd in and watch it without the auditors finding me???? My computer screen is visible from the window by my door......DO I care what anyone thinks? LMAO.
  4. Gee even I am surprised others want a 2nd edition Eric...... pleeeeeeaaaassse?
  5. Eric - have you ever considered doing a second edition to your book so those of us fans who were a little late in getting here could read it? I'd be really interested!
  6. I mean 4! The guy's uploading looks like the entire set! Gotta love this guy.
  7. There's 3 more songs on You Tube. Eric sounds better than the Zombies
  8. Yes a great idea but who has time to fly there for the event - there is NO TIME now lol!
  9. Thanks Don - I got a frantic phone call from one of my old Kiss friends in Kentucky yesterday worried about Paul as she didn't have a computer at home and was very concerned. I hope that he has a full recovery from whatever it was.
  10. I agree - I seemed to always have liked the 2nd song on each record lol - don't know why! I had to go out and get a new needle about 8 years ago and it cost me like $75 - I am afraid to see if I wear this one out what it will set me back lol. Therefore all destroyed albums are a no-no on my turntable. I think the kids are missing out on real records - I still can't say a CD store or an MP3 store - it's a freaking RECORD store to me lol.
  11. I didn't have a Kiss lunchbox I was an older fan lol -- and I was listening to the Berries in 1972, but I was 12 and I was also listening to The Stones, The Beatles, Zep, Mott the Hoople, etc. My brother had all the Berrie albums - I remember Side 3 and he had the Starting Over poster that I stared at lol. I'd go in and listen but I guess I was not ready then - NOW I AM!!!! Good thing too! Better late than never!
  12. P.S. Lew - Look here - let's hope the audience is not like this one ...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig20b9EXU0Y
  13. ..... looks around the room - decides that it REQUIRES more Raspberries items...... sigh.... Maryanne - I'd love to see the shrine lol.
  14. a) Still own a turntable, and actually play it? I put on mine today and put on all 4 Berries albums and quite frankly I like the sound better than remastered CD's - there is just something about a full sound with a needle.
  15. If someone dares to write a bad review - we can track them down lmao. Their life as a critic (and life period) will be mush!
  16. Gerry doesn't look to hot lately but I actually liked the Pacemakers. I saw Scandal back in 1982-83 I think - they opened for Adam & the Ants lol. It sounds like an odd combo all of them together - a bit of 60's, 70's and 80's. Lew write a review.
  17. Loved that story Tommy; I'd like to have gone out to get the paper and found the band standing in my driveway - boy I could write a review on that!
  18. Yeeeesssss - I hope it doesn't get as out of control as my Kiss habit was - it took me 20 years to break that one lol.
  19. I am finding myself spending more money on all things Raspberries and related lately. After having It's Cold Outside on mp3 I broke down and bought Choir Practice, I have bought the Japan Sleeve CD's, had to get some original albums I was missing, the books, the special edition cd/dvd, I will probably go out on the 31st just to get the commercial version of it as well. Is this addiction going to give me a rash? And is there any cure for it? (Let's hope not lol). P.S. Tommy - still searching for that CD you want.
  20. MJ

    Free Ride

    I actually own a copy of History of the Dave Clark 5. It is now out of catalog so for $35 it is an impossible task. I will look for The Stories for you though.
  21. Yes I see that Steed lol - are you from south or north Jersey - I lived in Wayne for 21 years.
  22. MJ

    Free Ride

    OOps this is for MARC with the links above for Boogie All Summer.
  23. MJ

    Free Ride

    http://www.netsoundsmusic.com/nsudsii/2/317708882/810/2.html http://www.musicstack.com/records-cds/dan+hartman Look HERE
  24. MJ

    Free Ride

    Marc - I will keep my eyes "Peeled" (LMAO) for that title of the song and let you know if I can find one.
  25. Welcome Marc - I am reasonbly new here as well! Come join the fun!
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