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  1. hmmm ponders Eric's last sentence..... sighs....
  2. ..... is sitting on the fence on this one - I'm too new to get involved in this bru-haha.
  3. Um - it's been delayed..... see Trindy's comment on it.
  4. Well let's see.... I bought two, and if you bought two, and so on and so on.....
  5. You called me MJ!!! Not Marv! I'm so thrilled LMAO. Great minds think alike .....
  6. How many units would that be? Does anyone know exactly how many they pressed (if that's what they still call it? LOL)
  7. Well we can always hope - couldn't it chart in the cd/dvd section if not the Top 100?
  8. When does the Billboard chart come out so we can see how it's doing?
  9. Perhaps a Bruce and Raspberries show? Hmmm venue would have to be New Jersey..... Giants Stadium perhaps? I like Bruce but quite frankly we'd be cut out on tickets from all the Bruce fans, we'd be in the nose bleeds...booo hooo..... Is the Stone Pony still standing? A quiet intimate club with Bruce and Raspberries fans would do - but tickets sales would have to be through Bernie on this site lmao.
  10. Hmmmmm now I AM curious - Raspberries Fans Need to Know!!!
  11. Paul - my particular all consuming Kiss memorabilia collecting was Japanese Magazines and photos of them without makeup circa mid-70's, I shudder to count the number of actual magazines (Japan or not) I have with them in it - they are in 3 closets lol. I also have a Victor Records 1978 promo calendar that I know a few would beg me for lol. I got it cheap from a guy who went to Japan for me Kiss shopping a few years back - and he didn't know how much it was worth - sold it for $50 and it is mint rolled in a tube. Nothing though could compare to meeting them at the 95 Atlanta Official Convention and having Ace hold my hand in Australia and saying "you were in the front row".... a teenage fantasy come true lol. Thanks for your response!
  12. MJ

    Free Ride

    Rick Derringer lives in the next town from me and once in awhile he'll play at some friend's party. He sells real estate now lol. I just can't imagine Mr. Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo with a clipboard lol.
  13. Dave has a great voice as seen on the extras we got for buying the limited/special edition sets. I especially liked Goin Nowhere Tonight - I wish they had put that by itself I think they all have beautiful voices and fantastic harmonies together.
  14. I heard the word LIVE..... later on.....this year.....overseas dates possible......I hear some very very very happy fans cheering in the background......I hear my budget going down the toliet, I hear days without pay... I hear Ectasy!
  15. Eric - I hope you have a wonderful fulfilling birthday with all your dreams coming true for now and in the future
  16. Paul - as a fellow collector of Kiss - what is the one thing you would like to have in your collection that you don't have?
  17. Angelina I just finished my dvd as well - and I can honestly say I was totally exhausted from watching!! I must eat some dinner to get some more reserve energy to watch it another 50 times tonight lol! We need the 21 song dvd - I won't even go out that day to work when it arrives. It will be heaven.
  18. Doesn't matter who did what Eric it's a F**kin BRILLIANT song live!
  19. S I G H What a great tune.....
  20. Oooh I am watching NOW.
  21. That's what I've had on my face all day - a permanent grin. I listened to the CD at work this afternoon and just got chills when the opening chords to Go All the Way hit the speakers! I listened to the CD 2 times lol - I had to close my door to my office but I didn't care! Now - the dvd part this evening. I don't think anyone could bring me down and out of this mood today! Many many many thanks to the band, the road crew, the sound crew - you guys are the best.... NOW WHEN DOES THE TOUR START?????
  22. good luck everyone The man at the counter thought I was nuts asking them to HOLD IT FOR ME until I got there - like there are thousands of Raspberries fans in Bradenton, FL lol.
  23. Oh I must get home to download that lmao!
  24. Got mine in the office Got it at FYE stores - played it in the car - now going to play it at work!!!! See ya later on!
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