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  1. WHOOOOO hoooooooooo! It reminded me of the 70's commercials when they also added "LIVE IN CONCERT.........CALL TICKETMASTER......" I WISH!
  2. I got SOOOO Excited! There they were in all their glory!
  3. We all need to be in a tour program! That's the ticket!
  4. It was a great interview - I sat and work and closed my door and listened. I was glad that Eric mentioned Wally's guitar playing as he never quite got all the credit he's been due through the years. I also loved when Eric stated that it was about time people heard the bass and drums on a CD lol. I'm glad the internet is here or else none of us really would have had a chance to hear them live! Can't wait for the Special Edition now - counting down....
  5. yeah well I am a Pisces - I don't think I need to explain further lol.
  6. Perhaps that is what I am thinking of... I watched all those shows every week since I was not allowed out of the house (being so young) lol.
  7. Al - how many people ordered the special edition sets so far?
  8. Yeah Al! Great job everyone!!!!! Can't wait to see it!
  9. I seem to recall watching a video of the band during the 70's and Eric actually walked out into the audience and sang while the band played - did this happen or am I hallucinating? I almost want to say it was like a Midnight Special. What's really driving me mad is that it's on a tape somewhere in my house, and Redbone is singing a live version of Come and Get Your Love and then it switches over to the Raspberries - so I'm thinking my brother taped it off some "best of" show. Did this really occur or am I mixing up my bands? Eric - do you ever recall doing this?
  10. Thanks Al - it will probably arrive when I'm in Orlando this coming weekend; however, I will be driving like a mad woman home next Sunday so that I can put the special DVD in lose my freaking mind lol! Can't wait!
  11. FYE at least in Florida was taken over from the old Camelot music chains. You're not that old - you just don't have your reading glasses on lmao.
  12. Very true hollies65. I believe some things are worth waiting for and the LE and the SE sets are it. I don't mind buying more than one copy of an item, especially since I play things to death lol and may scratch a CD or DVD sometimes. I sincerely hope the band goes on the road this year even if it is for some limited dates - I can only imagine how trying to arrange "time off" from their daytime jobs and then schedule rehearsal and tour dates must be a nightmare to behold. Hopefully everything will go as planned and we will be enjoying the LE and SE sets next week!
  13. I personally don't think I could narrow it down to a top 100 if I tried. My biggest problem is what is my favorite is ALL OF THEM - I don't know how many times I hear a tune and go "OH MY GOD IT'S MY FAVORITE" - especially since whatever mood I am in prompts me to want to listen to something totally different every time. Can't we do top 50 groups? LOL. I could then probably pick out at least 50 from the 70's. Everyone here has at least 4-5 on my list of fav songs... I pretty much liked everything except Convoy, Disco Duck and The Streak.
  14. Oh Sorry - I just always think of it as "the Sunset Strip" lol. Duuuh.
  15. I will be going to Orlando next Friday and my cd of choice will be LFTSS of course - I will be jamming driving on I-4 (the battlefield of Florida roads) where everyone is going 95 in a 40 lol. Play On will be blaring on my cd player repeatedly as well as GATW.
  16. MJ

    Choir Practice

    Well it's never too late is it? Since Wally wrote it can't he do something about it? Even if it was re-recorded with the original members? Or would it be too dated now?
  17. It's a great song Eric - especially when you did it live....
  18. MJ

    Choir Practice

    I love Wally songs (no offense Eric) I love everybody's songs. I'm on It's Cold Outside right now lol - I have just 15 minute to listen to this before I go back to work. How come you don't hear Dave talk much about being the lead on It's Cold Outside - after all it was a hit.
  19. Better late than never - finally got a copy of it - so back to work I will go and will give it a listen. What does everyone else think about it?
  20. Tommy - did you watch Uncle Floyd as well on UHF? He always had cool acts but it was later on in the 70's.
  21. I will try - I will be at work - I'm not sure they will like me doing it but what the hell lol
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