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  1. An Easter Egg??? OMG - I don't even have my special edition yet! Can you give us a HINT?
  2. MJ

    The Rear View Mirror

    Well I'm glad they didn't stop me and interrupt my song lol! It would be better if I was driving FROM A BERRIES concert though - HINT HINT HINT - (Begging, pleading) LOL
  3. Yikes - on the way home this afternoon from Orlando on I-75 I was doing a good 89 in a 70 and I had the Berries blasting - I think I had on the tv version of Play On in the CD player and I looked in the rear view and up on my tail was a police car - luckily for me he was in a hurry more than I was so I got into the other lane pronto so that he could go 100 mph.... I wonder if he had on a Berries CD as well??? LOL.
  4. Merv was always on in our house - he will be missed.....
  5. Thanks Bernie I didn't have time to watch on Saturday so this is the next best thing !
  6. MJ

    Today's Mail

    I am still awaiting.....perhaps it will make Monday bearable if it shows up
  7. Did Lou and Dianed get married? Did Eric give her away???
  8. Sounds like everyone had a blast - I am freaking that Eric was there but I kind of thought he would go as I didn't see him signing in for the past few days lol. I will go next year - Orlando was ok but I'd like to be with the Berrie people lol!
  9. For everyone who is going to WAB's have a SAFE and fun-filled trip! Keep the tunes going all weekend and think TOUR DATES, TOUR DATES, TOUR DATES For those not going (like myself) have an excellent weekend with lots of Berries Music and DVD! To Eric and the band - LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!
  10. MJ

    Today's Mail

    I think by looking at who is online a good portion of you all got your limited edition sets! Next week will not come fast enough!
  11. Amazon today has it at #349 with it being #1 in the Music Rock Power Pop Category and #6 in Music Rock Live Albums category!!! Keep on going guys!
  12. MJ

    Choir Practice

    Yes I'm taking Live at Sunset Strip and Choir Practice on the road with me tomorrow. You know when I hear Wally jangling the 12 string I just get all tingly.... he can jangle anytime he wants if I have anything to say about it lol!
  13. MJ

    Today's Mail

    WHAT NO BUBBLE WRAP????? I was counting on it as I didn't get a limited edition - at least I would have known Jim handled it - booooo hoooo. Awwwwwww RASPBERRIES LMAO!
  14. You know Florida is a prime location for touring lol - especially in the winter months - there's Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarsaota, Orlando - just to name a few Hint Hint Hint.
  15. I am looking forward NOT to have it arrive Friday or Saturday as I will be out of town. Monday is a good day for me lol - I have a lot of patience - something I never had when I was younger....but after Monday or Tuesday I will probably be frantic like the rest of you!
  16. pauliemississippi - my answer is no.....I have much better ways of self-gratification which do NOT include internet use lol. Enough said, point taken.
  17. I saw on the official Raspberries site all the limited editions sealed in their priority mail envelopes! I am soooo jealous... I hope the special editions come out sometime this week or early next week. Everyone must post so I can live vicariously until my special edition arrives!
  18. Or just have a few dates.......BECAUSE.......
  19. For you Marv I will give it a listen..... Are they on You Tube at all?
  20. Shouldn't Bernie get ready to start the topic "who received the first limited edition copy" soon? Do you think it will be the above aforementioned individual (lol).
  21. Marv I'm not dismissing Hanson - I am just venting lol - I don't like 3/4% of what's on the charts now-a-days. Although.... I did like Rancid's And Out Came the Wolves and actually purchased it a few years ago lol. From Rancid to Raspberries - ........ I have a pretty wide music variety. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  22. LMAO @ John. I mean - Bon Jovi - yes at least I can relate! Hannah Montana sounds like a brand of whiskey lol.
  23. Ok - Just TELL ME THIS.... how the F**k can Hanson chart at #56 and Rasberries are not even in the Top 100?? Someone save the Rock World - I wanna get off lmao!
  24. Hmmm this is hard; however, I will give it a shot: Any song by The Young Rascals Any song by The Beatles Words of Love as sung by Mama Cass No Milk Today - Herman's Hermits I'm Telling You Now - Gerry & The Pacemakers Bits N Pieces - DC5 Over Under Sideways Down - Yardbirds Easy to Be Hard - 3 Dog Night Angel - Jimi Hendrix Ruby Tuesday & Get Off My Cloud - Stones There's too much AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I could be here for hours....someone else - POST!
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