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  1. Oops - I don't know how long this tour is - I was hurrying - I'm at work lol. But very interesting....
  3. There's always a bad berrie in the bunch - let's track him down and force him to listen to The Choir, Cyrus Erie, and every song on every Raspberries album lol. He can be converted to our way of thinking.
  4. Yes I have been looking for one myself - it's like the Holy Grail of Eric things.
  5. OMG Poor4Life I almost pee'd in my pants with that one.......
  6. Actually this is what I am going to prod the band with to get them out on tour......
  7. Great photos Wish I had been there!
  8. Weekend is very good - more time to sit in front of the dvd and replay over and over and over again.
  9. For the HUNDRETH time "I AM NOT ERIC CLAPTON" and I will not perform Lay Down Sally for you Wally!"
  10. Mr. Clapton aka Mr. Carmen
  11. No you are not alone as they say......so far I've counted 6 others including me.
  12. Yes but it was his trademark - he very well couldn't say Holy Shit! (Pardon those who I offend with that one lol).
  13. Oh Dear! I thought he passed away years ago after his "Money Store" commercials! I used to watch WPIX all the time in the 70's when I lived in NJ and listened to his broadcasts. I also went to Yankee Stadium quite a bit then as well - he will be missed.........HOLY COW!!!!!
  14. Yes really - it sounds like he's talking Algebra to me and it scares me lmao!
  15. I hope not either HT from Mo! The anticipation is killing me - I'm glad at least I have the Deluxe edition and old dvd's to watch of them to keep me sane. It appears that some in California, Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida are yet without their prized possessions. I emailed Al today about it.
  16. MJ

    Today's Mail

    Sobbing at work - still no special edition. Bernie - did they send mine yet or am I in the second round of mailings?
  17. SOBBING WILDLY -- still no special edition in the mail .... MARVIN what about you? I live in Florida not Canada - shouldn't I get mine soon? Bernie? Anyone?
  18. Yes the cover just says it all Wonderful job!! You need to do THE NEXT COVER as well!!! (MORE HINTS)
  19. MJ

    Today's Mail

    Marv let's all hope tomorrow is the day
  20. MJ

    The Rear View Mirror

    Mannoman - No thank god I do not have to travel it daily lol. I only drive there occasionally. I live and work in Bradenton. I don't know how anyone could drive it daily and remain sane.
  21. MJ

    Today's Mail

    Sob - me either......
  22. An Easter Egg??? OMG - I don't even have my special edition yet! Can you give us a HINT?
  23. MJ

    The Rear View Mirror

    Well I'm glad they didn't stop me and interrupt my song lol! It would be better if I was driving FROM A BERRIES concert though - HINT HINT HINT - (Begging, pleading) LOL
  24. Yikes - on the way home this afternoon from Orlando on I-75 I was doing a good 89 in a 70 and I had the Berries blasting - I think I had on the tv version of Play On in the CD player and I looked in the rear view and up on my tail was a police car - luckily for me he was in a hurry more than I was so I got into the other lane pronto so that he could go 100 mph.... I wonder if he had on a Berries CD as well??? LOL.
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