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  1. What an excellent idea!
  2. The interview is on the audio section of this website lol! It's down under the jukebox tab.... I remember Dramarama - in fact I have a photo of the lead singer John Easdale sitting at my kitchen table lol. He was friends with one of my friends before they started the band.
  3. Good idea raspberrywine - just make sure it's in November or later - I'm going on vacation in October and I do NOT want to MISS THIS! And if that doesn't work, there is the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Tampa and the Van Wezel in Sarasota - that would be just right for them! There are a lot of smaller venues that would LOVE to have the band play.
  4. I think the boys need to channel more Lennon and get themselves on the road pronto and sing more choruses of Play On.....
  5. Don it's always a pleasure to watch Dave and Wally on stage - I wonder if there are more Secret songs out there we haven't seen yet with them?
  6. I'm ready - been ready for a long time lol!
  7. Well I wandered into the audio section - now THIS is a trip! Chris Carter the radio host who interviewed Eric & Jim went to my high school and graduated in 1977 and I had the serious hots for this guy for 2 years in high school (of course not known to him lol) and here he was interviewing Eric & Jim! That was a surprise hearing him and the boys! I will be in audio for awhile listening to all this stuff I did not pay attention to before lol.
  8. Eric - after watching the full show 4 times this weekend (yes I don't have a life lol) do you do any particular warming up exercises vocally or do you just go out and belt them out? I really, really, enjoy your singing as well as the rest of the band - you all still have what it takes to GET OUT ON THE ROAD!!!!
  9. Thanks Don - I hope Jesse shakes up Brooklyn! I should send my brother and one of my other friends to it since they live in the City.
  10. MJ

    Choir Practice

    I like Joe Walsh also. My older brother was a James Gang fan and played him all the time in the early 70's. From 1978 through 1980 I had a friend Dave Lee who owned a 280ZX with a killer stereo system in it, and he'd pick me up almost every weekend and we'd drive up to Vernon Valley, NJ at 120 - 130 mph blasting Rocky Mountain Way and then we'd just turn around - put Joe back on and head on home lol. Lots of great memories jamming there! I wish I had been brought up in Ohio lol - you had The Choir, James Gang, Cyrus Erie, Michael Stanley, and of course Raspberries.
  11. Jim thinks to himself...."hmmm there are fans out there WITHOUT bubblewrap"......and I think we need more Raspberries t-shirts....oh and I know MJ did NOT get a Raspberries pin...that means there are others without.....oh and I think some tank shirts would look cool as well....Paul - Paul Sidoti - get me Gene Simmons on the phone ..... I need his merchandising prowess - Eric get off the phone with Ringo - I need to place a call!"
  12. MJ

    Choir Practice

    Ok I have more to say about Wally's songwriting....I love it. I can't get "I Only Did It Because I Was Lonely" out of my head - I've been singing this thing all day lol. It definitely should have been a hit all over the country. It's such a shame that it took me some long to appreciate The Choir's music - Wally, Jim & Dave - a biiiig Thank You for the Choir music! (and of course Dave Burke & Dann Klawon).
  13. Yeah Mike - great response!!!!
  14. I have carpal tunnel from doing the pause thing 3 times in a row lol! Was that Wally's basset hound? LOL. I love those photos I wish they'd make us a screen saver montage of them all. I need new desktop photos of them!
  15. Well I am exhausted emotionally from watching lol. It took me 4 hours 35 minutes (as I had to play the pause game 3 times lol). What a great dvd.....I was so excited I ran to the 46 inch hd tv to put it on...sigh.....thanks guys for doing this for the fans - it was just wonderful! Guess what I'll be doing over the weekend - MORE WATCHING....I will have to watch it at least 6 more times....maybe seven....eight....nine.....ten.... lmao. Oh and did I mention the actual concert OMG - I felt like I was there.....what a great show, a great band, great fans....sigh......
  16. IT HAS ARRIVED!!!!! I am now going - I was so excited - I didn't even want to damage the priority envelope lol! See you later on - I'm going to heaven now........ ))
  17. Whoooooooo HHOOOOOOOOO I search it every day myself lol! We'll get it to #1 and show them all there are Raspberrie fans still live and kicking like the band!
  18. me too Darlene but we'd have to get special tickets - otherwise it'll break the bank and us to even get within the first 20 rows lol.
  19. @ Lew - please I am a respectable woman (yeah right).....
  20. MJ

    Tom Snyder & Kiss

    I see - well I'm glad I have it on bootleg then lol. They left off the space bear.
  21. Don't be flattered I always remember the oddballs lol.
  22. Take it back and give them hell! I ordered an external hard drive from newegg.com (I think that's what it's called). I have a 120 gig external - I like it.
  23. For those of you who liked Tom Snyder the new Kissology 2 disc has the famous interview with Kiss - however, THEY CUT OFF THE LAST 15 minutes which was more hilarious than the first 15 minutes! Lucky we die-hards all have bootleg copies of it, in it's entirety. Glad I didn't toss all my bootlegs out thinking I'd get a mint copy of the entire program! Anyway Tom was a good egg for that interview - it was pandomonium! Tom could interview anyone and have a good time! He will be missed.
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