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  1. Hey now this is my FIRST ever Raspberries related dream! Dave showed up in my dream last night - he was about 24-25 I think - he looked really good lol. Some fan was hounding him (and no it was not me lol) and he was walking next to me and we started chatting and laughing about some things relating to him being famous. I figured what the hell - I asked him if he wanted to go out for a drink... he said thanks but he could not as he had important business to attend to right then. So he walked away. Now analyzing this dream I could only come to the conclusion that IMPORTANT BUSINESS meant touring with the Raspberries like right now = in the CURRENT TIME lol. I think it's a good analysis - don't you??
  2. Yes it seems he was making contradictory statements lol. P.S. I found a website with Opie Smith on it - boy has he changed lol.
  3. So would I Seattle Steve - did he go to any of the shows? Does anyone know?
  4. Raspy - sounds like in your dream Wally took his guitar and went home lol - not a good thing!!
  5. Oooh I'd like to hear that version if it still exists
  6. Opie? Is that his real name? By the way Marv glad you got your LE and thanks.
  7. Oh and as I am asking questions - I might as well throw this one out - who is the blonde guy who plays the melotron and the horns on Don Kirshner's R.C. and then he's in the footage outside buying the red hat with Wally out on the street? I never see his name mentioned - just curious.....
  8. I was reading Overnight Sensation for the 20th time and the interview on Page 152 where Jimmy Ienner when asked if he ever got to see the Raspberries perform live was "yes and I was never satisfied, because I just didn't feel that they came up to their records."...... then he says "I really never felt the personality come to life as much as it was postruing and I was never a fan of them live." This really perplexes me as from what I have seen live, via old tv/video footage and the special edition broadcast from Germany... I have always thought they kick ass live, and the studio albums were kind of sanitized.... Now I never got to see them live out on the road in the 70's - can some of you give me your opinions of what you saw live and your opinions? P.S. On the special edition I saw someone in the front row during that Edgewater Park gig and they had a pretty damn big movie camera.... do we know who that was and can we get a copy of it??? LMAO.....
  9. OMG TOMMY I FORGOT THE AVENGERS WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME???? I guess I was thinking American shows......
  10. Ahhh good quality programming back then - when they actually recorded more than 8 episodes in a year - they did like 22! I'll watch those shows above rather than reality tv that's on now! I'm sure Eric and the band were too busy to watch tv like us, but I wonder what their favorites were?
  11. Wally can multi-task that's for sure LOL !
  12. Duh I pretty much agree ...... I love my computer sometimes when it is burning dvd's lol.
  13. I pretty agree with everyone's picks - except I didn't do westerns lol. I also watched Laugh In and Star Trek as well as all those others.
  14. MJ

    No Sirens!

    I am very sorry to hear about your town and others in the midwest - I hope everyone is safe!
  15. MJ


    In the 70's WTOG Channel 44 had Dr. Paul Bearer lol - I used to come down here on vacation and watch him lol.
  16. Marc I have Here Comes the Judge on 45 by the Magistrates! - I found it in my closet today lol. It's not absolutely clean but it's in pretty good condition. Email me if you want to borrow it to make it an MP3.
  17. P.S. HT from Mo - I go to the RECORD STORE still.... people look at me strange.
  18. Tomorrow I am bringing two 45's in - one is Peter & Gordon's World Without Love and Hello Goodbye which is a picture sleeve lol - I'll show him what a 45 looks like lol.
  19. You forgot his cigarettes and MORE GUM lol.
  20. I was at work today, talking with this guy who is about 30, and I was telling him about how I was a Raspberries fan and he said "who are the Raspberries" which I explained .. and then I told him he'd recognize the song Go All the Way.... he went to Amazon and looked it up and then played it, and believe it or not he recognized it and said oh yeah I remember it, it's a great song....So at least he's heard it over the years from somewhere lol. Then the horror began, when I told him I wore the 45 out he looked at me with a straight face and said "what is a 45" OMG. I aged about 20 years with that one. I had to explain what it was - I forgot he was born in 1978....anyway I think I may be able to get him to go to a show if the band plays down here lol. I'm glad I didn't try and talk about a 78 speed record lol.
  21. Great idea Anne I'll put in my two cents.... HOB in Orlando....who else is down in my area who wants to get a list together?
  22. Al I sent you a link to the Van Wezel - Rick Springfield is going to play 11/7/07 - so I think they'd have the Raspberries don't you????
  23. OMG - Johnny Depp as Barnabus! I ran home from school every afternoon at 4 to watch. He will be great it in.....
  24. MJ


    You know Lew some people leave themselves signed on but are not on their computers.. I tend to leave mine on. I noticed I was still logged on today after I left to go back to work at lunchtime.
  25. I remember Here Come the Judge LOL.
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