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  1. Happy Birthday Muzza - hope you have a great day!
  2. Please let Jay know that we are all there with you both in your time of grief.....
  3. MJ

    "Sheep On A Plane"

    I thought this entire post was about Muzza and Kiwi flying to the USA OMG.... boy was I surprised.
  4. Have a great day John - I'm sure you will be going out to see some kind of interesting show!!!
  5. Do you mean as to the music played perfectly or just the entire vibe of the show??? Mine according to vibe and not necessarily perfect music: 1) Raspberries HOB 2007 2) Aerosmith - hmmm sometime during the Pink/Jaded release - killer show - they also did songs from Honkin on Bo Bo which was killer blues-wise OMG. 3) Kiss Sydney Australia 4/2001 the first night. 4) Rick Springfield free concert at Vinoy Park last year 5) Bon Jovi - New Jersey Tour Lakeland Fl/ tied with Hysteria Tour Lakeland, FL - too close to call for me lol.
  6. I will keep your mom in my thoughts!
  7. Have lots of fun with the family!
  8. I didn't realize that there were so many "ERIC's" on his board to answer the question!
  9. Best wishes for Jay and his mom and you too Lisa....
  10. I know you'll be happy to know I have never listened to it ever - I didn't even pull it up on here!
  11. You don't need the hair just the playing talent Danny which we all know you have!
  12. I got a 100% but I thought Rick Springfield was the lead singer of the Raspberries :p
  13. Sorry to hear Danny about your friend - there really aren't any words you can say to something like that.
  14. MJ

    A Very.........

    Thanks Giro you too!! - I heard Diane was making cheesecake but not for us !!!! My mother, who has been known to be pretty sentimental - left me a large chocolate bunny today on the counter You gotta love that!
  15. Oh My God I agree with Eric on EVERY CHOICE ... this should be sending shock waves throughout the country!!!
  16. I'll reserve my comment until Eric decides to tell us what he thinks lol.
  17. It's that smile lol.
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