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  1. I found this today (I'm not sure if it is new) - from Keif's Downtown Music - but I do not know who wrote the review: The Raspberries - Live on the Sunset Strip Okay, the 'Berries probably don't have any more hipster cred now than they did in their heyday. Back then, their sound, which cunningly, convincingly and sometimes originally synthesized the Beatles, Beach Boys, Who and Small Faces, was considered teeny-bop by all the addled beardies lost in the pot fog of blooze guitar and drum solos. Their loss. Today it can be yours. It can if you don't check out this record. Thirty years on these guys still sound absolutely great. Culling the best material from their four fine early Seventies releases, the Raspberries rock the house. Alright, a few of the harmonies augmented by musical extras add a tiny bit of cheese (and one or two of Dave Smalley's Eagles-y songs wear out their welcome a little quick), but for the most part the great songs and inspired playing rule the day. Wally Bryson masterfully combines the sounds of Harrison, Townshend, Marriott, and McGuinn. Jim Bonfanti is a monster drummer - the missing link between Keith Moon and Max Weinberg. And damned if Eric Carmen can't still sing his ass off. Are there better combinations of hard-rockin and power-pop tunefulness than "Tonight" and "Ecstasy?" I don't think so. These guys should be mentioned in the same breath as Big Star, but because they had more commercial success and fewer drug problems they missed out. Don't let the image nonsense burn you, this is really good stuff. __________ Another great review
  2. Green Apple Shampoo - oh that was my favorite - I used that all the time and the Apricot one. Do you remember Lemon Up Shampoo? Had the big lemon as a top - used that too as I am blonde and wanted to remain so lol. I loved the Yardley makeup stuff - my one cousin had a tray full of yardley pot o gloss, eye shadows, twiggy lashes, etc. Of course I was 9 or 10 so I was NOT allowed to TOUCH ANYTHING on her tray lol. In her closet were the Yellow Submarine Peter Maxx hangers of all 4 Beatles. I bet she's shooting herself now she got rid of those lol.
  3. Great idea Trindy - but one of them needs to be wearing Wally's cap so we know it's them lol.
  4. MJ

    Cool Lead Vocals

    I Like it Like That - DC5 - Mike Smith's vocals are very gutsy - so much better than the original version. Ira I agree with 1, 3, and 4 songs....
  5. No go to Ebay my son....ebay - Sundazed is selling them from there .......
  6. Well who knows that man - someone GET ON IT NOW!!! I live in Florida - I never saw Upbeat....We need clout - someone get one of the band or Bernie to throw their weight around lol. Why haven't they done a dvd remaster of their old shows like all the other teen shows back then? I'd email the guy - do we have a website or something we can ask that question and then everyone flood his mailbox?
  7. Bring a woman - she will direct you to the men's department and force you to purchase something that MATCHES.
  8. Bessiebo do you have a photo? I'm trying to think of who I know famous who dresses like that but right now I am stumped.
  9. Business casual is like a polo shirt and slacks - no sneakers....... you don't have to wear a tie or anything, no jeans...... kind of dress preppie lol.
  10. I agree Jenny they are just so talented. I loved that Dave's bass strap broke and the roadie had to come out and fix it lol. Jenny is your user name part of the 867-5309? LMAO? It just occurred to me when I looked at this post. What I want to know though is who has film footage of "The Choir"??? I'd love to see that even if it is soundless. I love Dave singing Wally's songs - I listen to that CD in the car back and forth to work all the time.
  11. Bernie I am sure at least everyone on this board would be interested, then there may be others who are not registered - how many would they have to sell to make the manager happy?
  12. No this is new Jenny Many thanks!!!!
  13. MJ

    Misty Lane

    Thanks John - I just ordered a copy Gotta have as much Berry and related things as I can get my hands on!
  14. It's the Popmatters article - it must be syndicated - this is a GREAT THING!!!! As the Ramones used to chant " HEY HO.....LET'S GO!!!!"
  15. There is a new interview by Mr. Anthony in Rolling Stone - I found it in a USAToday popcandy link - you might want to read it.
  16. This year hopefully will just get better and better if the boys get moving lol! P.S. My mother cut out an article on the Raspberries for me today in today's newspaper - I think it's one that we already saw online but it made the Sarasota Herald Tribune lol! Let's hope more papers put more Berries in!
  17. I miss the Good Humor Man and going to Kresskee's (not sure of the spelling of that) and sitting at the counter to have a banana split and pop the balloons to win a free one lol - I miss the Candy Store the most - we had a great one in Wayne, they sold all the best Pop/Rock Magazines and had a soda fountain and great candy and gum selections. I bought some of my best magazines there - I wish I had kept them all now.
  18. Fruit Striped Gum was the one you are talking about Cubbie lol - I loved that stuff I'd shove the entire pack in my mouth lol.
  19. That's not fair! LMAO. Does he still chew the same kind or not?
  20. Current gum chewing or vintage gum chewing? Vintage was probably carefree bubble gum or bazooka joe lol. Current - hmmmm - I dunno lol.
  21. LMAO @ raspathens.....oh now that is an interesting thought the last words.....I can't remember (lol the opposite of Eric's song).... too long ago..... I remember mine after the fact - it began something like this..... "get the *&**@ away from me with that thing" LMAO - I eventually "Changed My Mind"
  22. Well as long as you smiled and looked good for the camera I will have to watch that part of the dvd again lol.
  23. Ok I am going to say something and I know I will get into trouble saying it - I thought he wanted her to be still and keep her eyes closed because his aim was bad OMFG (at least in the song).... from a woman's point of view, at least mine - I always kept my eyes wide open to all situations as I wanted to see what I was getting myself into (so to speak)..... (ut oh now I will probably get banned from the board lol).......
  24. oh my a typo from me - I mean what do you actually sing Eric! LOL.
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