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  1. Due to a security card blunder on my part and the credit card company actually approving the charge, I ended up with 4 VIP Tickets so I have 2 that someone can have. I will only charge the face value of them - either separately or together. Please pm me if you want them
  2. Well I'm ok with it as long as we get in front of the stage and don't have to contend with 200 VIP people lol.
  3. I called the Highline today to clarify when the Meet & Greet and General Admission people get in - well all get in at the same time; however, they said they have a special section for the VIP people - WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! Let's hope the guy I talked to knows what he's talking about lol.
  4. 1. Go All the Way 2. Come Around and See Me 3. Tonight 4. Play On 5. If You Change Your Mind 6. Ectasy 7. Party's Over 8. Last Dance 9. Nobody Knows 10. I Can Remember
  5. Me too Paulie I got 39 - but I was born in 1960 lol. At least I seemed to have paid attention in history class.
  6. Austin - this will be my first time.....Your Time Is Gonna Come...........
  7. My tickets arrived but promptly got back on the UPS Truck thanks to a really intelligent driver who either didn't ring the bell or didn't even knock on the door today. Someone was in the house waiting for them and instead they shoved a notice in my door where you could not even see it! Needless to say I called and left explicit instructions for tomorrow to bang on the door until someone opens it tomorrow and phone as well!
  8. One of my friend's children signed me up for a subscription to Spin (god only knows why) so it comes every month and I got one earlier this week - I could only identify maybe 3 artists that were current and I certainly did not see any bands I recognized. I think I saw one or two reviews of "our contemporaries". I've noticed within in the past 5 years everyone must have gotten younger editors who have decided to cater to the teens again, it's too bad - Berries and Springsteen and other great bands just won't get coverage. Even Books A Million down here stopped carrying Goldmine!
  9. Should I bring Wally a pack of sugarless Trident bubblegum to the meet and greet? And the big question is - will he blow a bubble for us on stage? (lol).....
  10. if you're asking for berry colored suits - you mine as well make them the velvet ones lol.
  11. Just curious - I know Dave probably is still in Arizona but I wondered if Eric has been out and about with Jim & Wally rehearsing......or is it too soon???
  12. MJ

    The Set List

    Dave of course lol - but Wally must play the fiddle for it..... Eric can play washboard and of course Jim can play the old wash basin.
  13. LMAO @ Cubbie - where have you been boy????
  14. MJ

    The Set List

    The boys can play "Coming around the Mountain" for all I care as long as they are up there singing lol! But I'd like to hear mainly Berries stuff unless they feel they want to play All Right Now again lol.
  15. LOL - perhaps they need to be the opening act - can we fly them over? They are adorable.
  16. For those lost to 9-11......to remember......then guys it will almost be time to get online and get those tickets!
  17. Never mind Al - I just got the email lmao.
  18. manage to put an email out to the members of both boards about the show or are some people in for a big surprise who didn't log in last night???
  19. Forget the gum Cubbie - if they do a show we can ask him personally LMAO!
  20. See looks to be either Xanax'd out or perhaps some heroin lol. I don't know but I think someone else should have custody of her kids - she looks like someone needs to Baker Act her soon.
  21. Marv not in the early days - I liked How Many More Times from the first album and his Yardbird stuff - and my father of all people just loved Kashmir and used to borrow my album and play it over and over and over lol. Go figure!
  22. Marv I am a Zep fan but quite frankly, and I hate to say this, but Jimmy Page lost all his chops about 15-20 years ago - maybe because he just stopped playing, maybe some other abuses interfering or health problems, I don't know. But when they played even at Knebworth back in the 80's he was HORRIBLE, utterly horrible. I would not go to a show - but I WOULD PAY TO SEE THE BERRIES PLAY WITH WALLY ROCKING OUT SINCE HE STILL HAS HIS CHOPS
  23. MJ

    Cool Lead Vocals

    Ira & Hollies65 - at the end of this You Tube link is Gerry & the Pacemakers, Freddie & The Dreamers and then Manfred Mann doing Do Wah Diddy from The British Invasion video (which I actually own a copy of)....I wish it was not an abbreviated version of Do Wah Diddy but here it is.......
  24. MJ

    Another Review?

    Yes I disagreed with the reviewers take on Dave's performance - Dave rocks! I did love, however, his great praise of Jim's drumming, Eric's singing and of course, Wally. It's just too bad that the rest of the country is not even getting a chance to purchase the CD unless they know to go to Amazon or to the official websites.... I'm sure there are more people out there that are fans that actually may not own a computer (or don't know how to use one, which I find horrifying) so they can't even purchase one in a store!
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