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  1. MJ

    Sunday Show

    Got one - see you all there
  2. Are we doing roll call for 2nd night tickets today?
  3. Why I hope we are arranging ourselves right in front of the stage!!! I can't imagine that they'd take our tickets and give us an arm or wrist band and then let us back out with the general public lol. Perhaps they will feed us lol.
  4. Persuasion mannoman.... use subtle persuasion.....if not - then hypnotise her lol.
  5. I thought you could smoke out on the streets lol. You can't smoke in Florida either - I'm glad I was a visionary and quit in 1992. But I still keep a carton in my fridge.....I'll sell it on ebay one day and make a fortune lmao.
  6. Raspberries October 13, 2007 VIP Tickets include access into venue at 3-4PM for end of soundcheck and meet and greet & commemorative poster Concert starts @ 8PM Doors open @ 6 PM Tickets $50.00 Buy Tickets Online VIP tix are SOLD OUT. Due to popular demand 2nd date added on Oct 14
  7. No it says for the 13th - soundcheck and that the 14th's tickets go on sale Friday. Oh I am confused lol.
  8. oh so we don't get to see soundcheck on Saturday? That is confusing lol. We should be able to
  9. OOOOH I didn't see that !!!! DIANE I guess we all need to change our meeting times to earlier!
  10. MJ


    Lew - I was awake and going to the gym - I leave my computer signed in 24 hours lol - unless there is a storm - then it goes off before it fries the modem.
  11. LOL - better see them while I can. I did 6 shows in 3 cities in Australia for Kiss so this is a piece of cake lol.
  12. I'm clear to stay an extra day so if I get a ticket for Sunday's show I will be there for the 2nd show.
  13. www.backstageauctions.com it's a website .... I'd do the link but I'm logged in lol.
  14. Whooo Hoooo - I'll see if I can extend my trip another day!!!!
  15. Marv - don't we all have $10,000 lying around (LMFAO)... but if I did - then I'd follow Raspberries instead lol.
  16. Sorry - when I first posted the thread none of the descriptions of the items were up until rhia Sunday. The Raspberries videos I already have lol - I thought it might have been something new.
  17. Hmmm perhaps greed is his motive for selling.
  18. There is also rare Upbeat reel footage on there for sale OMG. Very interesting stuff....
  19. I looked to see what is up there for Eric and the Raspberries - there is a vintage lot of 4 videos up for sale. Eric - do you have a clue which ones they may be? There is no description there. I think someone should purchase it - and then put it out for the fans if it's something we don't have lol!
  20. We need a top 20 - it's just too hard to pick and choose.
  21. Congratulations to the both of you and may you have many happy years together
  22. They are here now It's going in a fireproof box until I fly to Texas before I fly onto NYC!
  23. LOL Darlene - I wanted to do about 15 - I didn't put any Dave songs in and I want to hear him lol.
  24. Make that one ticket left
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