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  1. MJ

    Thanks Overdubs

    Yes the Overdubs were great Many thanks to them for making the sound like a Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" experience!
  2. MJ

    The Walking Dead

    LMAO - I AM TIRED.... i.e., the Bank .... I mean THE BAND OMG.
  3. Hands up those of you who got no sleep either Saturday or Sunday night!!!! I am so tired but I wanted to see how the ticket sales are going for Cleveland and see who all is going to that show lol. I have downloaded all my photos from the M&G's and the soundcheck and Sunday's show - I will send some to Bernie as soon as I take a long deserved nap lol. This Raspberrie high is great - but it's hell on the body lol. Again so many thanks to the Bank, their wives, their families and all the message board friends who I met over the weekend - I don't want to come off of this high - I have so many great memories and photos.......
  4. MJ

    wedding pics

    Beautiful photos for a wonderful happy couple! Lots of good wishes and happiness to you both!
  5. Ok - here is my rant for the day - I flew to San Antonio this morning from Sarasota. We flew on a 40 seat plane which is usual; however, the flight attendant was a nightmare. We got on the plane and she looked at us like we were inconveniencing her. Then she closed all the overhead compartments and left one open the row in front of me. I tapped the girl who was in the seat under the open compartment and said "I wonder if she is going to close that thing" as she started giving the usual "in case of emergency" stuff. Well I kind of motioned to her and pointed. She ignored me and then came over afterwards and said in a real tone "and what is it that you want" I just said I was wondering if you were going to close that. Her reply was "I have been doing this a long time and we have procedures to follow...." in a snappy tone. She then walked off. Later on in the flight when she was serving the beverages one lady asked "for an apple juice and a smile" - she replied to her "you only get one or the other not both" in a hostile tone. When we were landing at Houston we were waiting for the "stairs" to be put on and about 10 people said "this woman is a nightmare, we are going to report her" she was rude to everyone and a few were scared even to ask for anything. I think she was hoping to throw someone off the plane - we figured that she was only smiling at the door now because she was planning on pushing us out the door so we'd fall down the stairs and break our necks lol. And then the wonder why passengers are crabby themselves! We were her 1st flight - we all wondered what she'd be like by 5 p.m. Yikes! Anyway I am in Texas waiting until Friday to fly and see the shows! Anyone else have some nightmare flight attendant stories ???
  6. I actually watched 1/2 of the game tonight and saw the end. Perhaps it is time for Cleveland to win the pennant.
  7. I'm with Paulie & Bessieboo! Tampa/Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale.....
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Marv & Friends
  9. Eric - perhaps a collaberation is in order since you both have such mutual respect and admiration from one another..........
  10. I'll get out my Yankee t-shirt in honor of the occasion - Marvin .... we are on opposing teams lmao! Tommy have a safe trip
  11. Crouton - can I apply now for the grant for future shows? Will I have to pay an application fee and City, State and County taxes as well? Are you going to make us provide certified financial statements, tax returns, at least 4 persons who we are acquainted with but are not relatives? Will a credit check to run on us? What about hidden fees and costs? And the biggest question I have is.... Will we get a personally autographed color photo of Lew Bundles along with the grant application?
  12. I have two I can think of right off the top of my head - And You & I by Yes and Windy by the Association..... both of them take me away - one takes me out somewhere beautiful with a guy I never quite got over, and the other into the city just having fun lol.
  13. My idea of home improvement is bringing home some kind of Raspberries item - that's about as far as I go with that lol.
  14. Yikes Annie! You'd better get to the bathroom if you are bursting LMAO! I don't know how you find time to even post!
  15. It's very very quiet in here lately - I would think that this is the time for everyone to be posting and excited about rehearsals and the shows...... Lew what have you done???? OMG!
  16. I can honestly say I did not watch it - I was a born and raised New Jersey-ite but really don't feel the need to be a Bruce fan. I like some songs - (I'm sure there will be a lynching party in NY waiting for me lol). I do like Bon Jovi though even though some of you can't stand him.
  17. This was in our local paper today about a guy who pretended to be the guitarist in Creed lol - it takes all kinds - and he got away with it for awhile again after he had already been arrested before for the same thing! http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20070926/NEWS/709260666/1060/NEWS0110
  18. I used to show up on all the Kiss fan profiles lol. I did find someone with my name with actually my legal spelling (I have a hyphen in between my first name and my second first name lol) - she was a nurse somewhere - I hope she's making more money than I am lol.
  19. MJ

    Sunday Show

    Lew I don't stalk - I don't have to - they all come to me lol!
  20. MJ

    Sunday Show

    Better late that not being there at all! You may end up in a better spot that the rest of us in the VIP section lol.
  21. Yes Mam could be - the old eyesight is getting worse. But I would know the difference between a Flying V and a Gibson SG lol. Maybe it's just a trick of the light in one of the old photos I saw. I'll be glad just to see Wally standing up there with any guitar of his choice!
  22. That would be cool Bernie lol. Captain H - I do believe I've seen footage of a walnut brown Flying V.
  23. Will you be wearing your "business casual" for this show????
  24. A Wally Bryson Flying V - hmmm I'd even buy one and I don't even know how to play!
  25. MJ

    Sunday Show

    This will be my first time ever meeting them so I have to let them know on Sunday that I totally enjoyed the show on Sat night! The rest of you they probably all know by name lol.
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