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  1. Tim at the Highline shows they were around - at least I saw Paul Sidotti who was doing autographs and photos
  2. Julie - it was Whipped Cream and Other Delights lol - we had it in our house as well.
  3. JAY - MORE COWBELL LOL (Love Grazing in the Grass and Theme from a Summer Place) - are you sure you are not related to me? LOL.
  4. I like almost anything by Herb & the Tijuana Brass -
  5. Yes I know - you are saying WTF MJ??? But there are some great classics out there......like; Tequila by the Champs Take 5 by Dave Brubeck Quartet plus all the good surfing instrumentals - what is your fav?
  6. How Many More Times.......
  7. Over Under Sideways Down - gotta put Jeff Beck in there - also Freeway Jam....
  8. Oh Sterling - love that song lol
  9. All the Young Dudes..........
  10. My two cents on Keef - Before They Make Me Run
  11. Considering I just finished the first 2 discs of Amazing Journey you'd think I would have put a Who song on there lol.
  12. LOL - you must have a list handy Eric - excellent choices.
  13. Yes Marv - Boys are Back in Town - Definitely! See I'm glad you thought of it lol.
  14. I like the Lenny Kravitz choice and Hendrix, and Beatles, I am not much into Rage into the Machine or Ozzy or that Van Halen song. I actually do like Beautiful People though I always found that catchy. Zeppelin I would have chosen Misty Mountain Hop though instead of Stairway. I didn't see GATW lol. Also, I cannot stand Lynard Skynard - I'd rather hear Ramblin Man. And while we are on the subject - I like Red Hot Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground better as a guitar riff than the one chosen, but that's MY opinion lol. I'm sure I could come up with more that I like...
  15. MJ

    DVD Reminder

    OMG - The Who doing Heatwave - what an INCREDIBLE version - damn. You know the more I listen now I just have this huge appreciation for Entwistle's bass playing - he was in a class by himself! I had to pause so I could listen to Tim from Wisconsin's radio show lol - And GMan - I'm doing it to support the team ! lol.
  16. MJ

    DVD Reminder

    Hey I picked up Amazing Journey at Best Buy for $32.99. I had Seinfeld Season 9 in my hand as well but when they both rang up at $89 and some change - I backpeddled and will order Seinfeld off Amazon - it's cheaper lol.
  17. MJ

    Led Zep

    Hmm I should tune in when I drive to work. My portable mp3 player with XM won't play in my freakin house - we have hurricane shutters and even when they are not down I can't get a good signal unless I go stand outside with the thing lol.
  18. Tim I got the webpage locked and loaded for 2 p.m. est.
  19. To Sir With Love - another great classic movie - with Lulu and Michael DesBarres -
  20. MJ


    What time does it have to be to actually qualify to be a Saturday Night Loser? I noticed Eric was on at around 10 p.m. lol......
  21. Marv - throw out the requests to the boys lol - you are sooo subtle lol.
  22. Yessss Marvin - All Right Now - wouldn't that just sound wonderful in LA? LOL.
  23. I thought about this today - there are a few songs out there that I'd like to hear one of the Raspberries singing lead on as a cover... Do you have any interesting thoughts on who you'd like to sing a song that they would not normally cover? This excludes Beatles and Who songs lol..... Of course the obvious would be that we'd like to hear NEW original songs by them..... I'll throw these out to start: Wally - J.J. Jackson's - But It's All Right Dave - Eagles - Desparado
  24. Ira - I love Julia, Carol and Lucy - those three really cracked me up over the years. Lucy's vita-veta-vegimin skit is classic - when she says "are you unpoopular, do you pop out at parties......well DO YOU?" it gets me every time. I am also a huge Gilda fan from her SNL days. She had so much energy and talent - and those characters she did - W O W. Carol was great as well but she wouldn't be as funny without Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway and Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner - they were an ensemble that no one could beat when they were on.
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