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  1. One of the few times I'm logging in - lol - gotta see the stuff - you know what I am looking for Bernard
  2. Wendy big KUDOS for that video - it came out fantastic!!!! Bernard - see we all need to go on tour - forget the band - we are a riot!!! HUGS
  3. Happy Birthday Bernie - I hope you have an excellent time and enjoy it to the fullest
  4. I wasn't there but Jim posted on Facebook this tidbit - Blew my F***ing mind hearing them play - they are just excellent!
  5. Diane helped me find five.....
  6. Ooooh there is MORE! 7/71 Hullaballoo of I'll Follow the Sun - SIGH ....... Yeah Baby - Thanks Bernie. Are there only?
  7. Bernard - but are we not getting any presents this year? I got up especially for this treat, as I am All By Myself this Christmas (since mom is in the rehab facility getting her back strong again!) I'll keep logged in today just in case of a box flying up on the screen! Merry CHristmas everyone who celebrates!
  8. I hope everyone has a peaceful, safe, and prosperous holiday season and a great New Year to come. It certainly has been one hell of a year for some.
  9. Yes Diane - Even I have come onto the board to wish you again Happy Birthday. Those who know Diane personally have all spoken to her today, as I did..... and I am glad to say you deserve (dare I say it OMFG) an Eric Solo show as a birthday present this year lol.
  10. MJ

    IE 8

    Yes I know I haven't been online for a long time - not that many care lol - however, I loaded IE 8 last Thursday night and by Saturday morning it had totally crashed my Windows XP - I couldn't get anything but the dreaded blue screen. Advice to others - DON'T UPDATE TO 8, especially if you have an older computer - I had one 512mb drive die on it as well as totally render me harmless. Luckily it didn't fry my other 2 hard drives on there where my data was, so I have a computer guy reloading XP and burning all my docs and settings to dvd. Lesson learned yet again - BACKUP at least weekly!!! Now - I have a new laptop - but I still don't have much to say to everyone except I am alive and kicking and still being delusional about seeing the Berries one last time..... See ya.
  11. MJ

    LISTEN UP !!!

    Ok I logged in just to say this ...... leave Diane alone - and everyone needs to get a life now and move on and forward .... now I am logging back out - and everyone wonder's why most of us left the board in the first place.
  12. Hey - should I start an argument in honor of his 9000th????
  13. Happy Birthday my fellow Kiss fan - hope you have a great day - I know you're having the time of your life anyway!
  14. I like the idea of bigger pictures and video.....
  15. Hmmm Shawshank is excellent but so is The Green Mile, Once Upon a Time in America, Godfather II, The Mission, it's too hard to pick just one... I could probably go on for days on this subject.... but I won't bore you lol.
  16. Pretty cool photo for a pretty cool radio show!
  17. Sherry have a great birthday - have a great time with your hubby!
  18. I sense deja vu here anyone else????
  19. Giro I'll never be able to look at you with a straight face ahahahaha :p
  20. Have a great time Wendy! Tell them I said hi!
  21. Welcome Back Kiwi & Muzza!
  22. Bea was a battleaxe on Maude but you had to love her!
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