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  1. Smart James I can keyboard and type 120 words a minute. The android keyboard tries to type words before I do so I find it annoying!
  2. I feel for you...I am having a nightmare trying to use my new tablet. I had to call Dell in India to tell me to stick a pin in it to reboot the stupid thing. This post took me 15 minutes to type!
  3. Glad you had a great time - I just knew they were in top form this tour! Wendy better start getting ready now! They're gonna be coming to your town........ ba ba ba bong.... hahaha
  4. Happy Birthday Giro - I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.... you were one of the main reasons I picked up a bass - for your love of music like mine and a bunch of others on this site ..... have a great day!
  5. Front Row??? YOu lucky woman you OMG - they always touch the crowd during the encores OMG.
  6. Thanks everyone... I may have some more to upload - she has to burn the disc for me and then I have to photoshop some - apparently using no flash had some issues. I am quite disappointed though - you'd think with a 45th Anniversary Tour there would be a tour program - but there isn't one!
  7. My co-worker took them she had a zoom lens lol - you'll notice most are Micky - she liked Micky and Davy back in the day lol. I was WAAAYYY to mental to hold a camera last night lol.
  8. I have some photos - I don't have a webpage to upload from - I've sent them to Bernie (I hope) to see if he can get them on here for me!
  9. Wendy you should go. You may just find yourself not sobbing throughout the whole thing.... your sister's spirit will be with you right beside you during it! I thought I was going to cry when Davy sang Look Out - but I didn't - although Pleasant Valley Sunday brought back such good memories for me I shed a little tear then. Oh and I called my friend Mel from TX during intermission - she was at the Houston show in 1967 and cried throughout the entire show back then! Oh to have seen them back then - sigh.
  10. Here is the set list - this is pretty close to what was sung in order of what I saw: I’m A Believer Mary Mary The Girl I Knew Somewhere Randy Scouse Git/Alternate Title Your Auntie Grizelda It’s Nice To Be With You I Don’t Think You Know Me At All Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow Words Papa Gene’s Blues Listen To The Band That Was Then, This Is Now All Of Your Toys Hard To Believe What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round Sometime In The Morning Valleri No Time ...Circle Sky Can You Dig It As We Go Along Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again? Porpoise Song Daddy’s Song Cuddly Toy For Pete’s Sake When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door She A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You She Hangs Out Shades of Gray Last Train To Clarksville Goin’ Down I Wanna Be Free Saturday’s Child Someday Man I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone Let's Dance On ** Almost forgot that one. Daydream Believer Pleasant Valley Sunday The only song they didn't do was Peter Percival's Pet Pig Porky from the original set list from the UK shows.
  11. Just got back from the show - it was sold out at Ruth Eckerd Hall - my co-worker and I were in the 16th row around center stage. I was surprised at the age groups at the show - I thought there would be mainly people who were at least my age (in their early to mid 50's) but there were people older than that attending - I saw a few who were maybe around 30-ish but not many. The Monkees Red Logo was lit up on the screen - I was so excited. Here they come - walking down the street.... they played for over 2 hours (there was a 15 minute intermission) - For Hollies - they played Saturday's Child and Cuddly Toy, for me Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow, they played 3 or 4 songs from Head, and of course all the hits. The backup band was exceptional - the lead guitarist was really shining out there. The mix was an issue though - the slower songs you could hear them singing clearly - mostly Peter (who had the strongest voice of the 3) Mickey seemed to scream more and hit some pretty high notes. Davy sounded good as well but he always sang mostly "broadway" type songs. I particuarly enjoyed Only Shades of Grey - Peter played the french horn for that song. Of course they did a few shenanigans during the show and told some jokes. Peter sang What am I Doing Hanging Round - they did quite a few "Mike" tunes. Overall I give the show about an 8.5 - everyone was on their feet by the last 3 songs. Of course being my annoying self I would scream out the name of the song after only hearing 3 notes lol. The backround screen constantly was showing old photos of the band and video from the shows so that was fun to watch. Diane and John - you are going to enjoy yourselves. It was most enjoyable to relive those songs and sing them with a giant crowd of people. P.S. My friend took a bunch of photos with her zoom camera so maybe I'll be able to post a few once she downloads them. Now if only hell would unfreeze and we could see another favorite band ..... hmmmm lol.
  12. MJ


    Be sure to take the time to take care of yourself as well Shelley as well as your hubby!
  13. MJ


    The Wonderful World of Disney sigh - Grew up on all the Disney movies - even saw Pinnochio in the mid 70's when it came out in the theaters again with my Dad - Disneyland - went in January 1969 as I recall with my family - I have a pic somewhere of my brother and I on the Dumbo ride lol - DisneyWorld - went in 1977, 1978 and 1979 before I moved to Fla... favorite place to be - you'd have either found me on Space Mountain, the Hall of Presidents, The Haunted Mansion or my ab fab - Pirates of the Carribean lol. Up in my attic I have that huge heavy 20 pound hardback book on the Walt Disney and the Disney Studios - read it cover to cover. I had always secretly wished that Walt was my dad - now that would have been COOL!
  14. MJ

    Shout Out to MJ

    Ahhahahah Cartmill - you never lose your touch!
  15. I loved reading Don's reviews - he was always so full of enthusiasm for the music! He will be greatly missed by all.
  16. MJ

    Shout Out to MJ

    Thanks guys - I've been around lurking - never could quite totally get away from all of you Going to see The Monkees tomorrow night - I will give you all a report of the show.
  17. Bass playing is going well Bernie thanks for asking. Been playing Good Vibrations, Heat of the Moment, Just My Imagination, Hey Joe, What's New Pussycat, the Immigrant Song, you know the usual stuff lol. Can't play any Who yet though - not even close to an Entwhistle version of anything lol.
  18. OMG I've come out of retirement with the reinstatement of Marv! I also wanted to post about Gail - I was very sorry to hear of her death.
  19. Thanks everyone for the wishes - turned out to be a pretty good day!
  20. He could do that - but only if Wallace plays lead guitar on it lol.
  21. Diana Rigg's character Mrs. Peel.... when I first saw her was in 1966 - I was still playing with my Barbies big time but I knew life wasn't all about being a fashion model or an airline hostess or a stay home and have kids kind of woman - so her character really made me think about what you could be when you grew up (besides being sexy) but being intelligent and fairly equal to men at that point ..... so she kind of molded my thinking (perhaps this is why I am such a opinionated B*tch ahahaha). Anyway - I did watch all the Honor Blackman ones when they hosted the dvd Avengers on A & E and taped those episodes as well.... still Mrs. Peel had much more chemistry with Steed than with the other ladies.... I have some Tara episodes on dvd but she just couldn't cut it - she was too cutsey and didn't have the a-PEEL ahahahah... I have all the Emma Peel dvd's in a collection - I still watch them.... Top rated show - but the movie a few years back with Uma - it just sucked lol.
  22. It's Diana Rigg from The Avengers - I have always been a huge Mrs. Peel fan.
  23. Such a shame - another voice silenced....
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