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  1. I immediately thought of you Giro after seeing the previews - I'm even gonna tape it for myself to keep. I love Beatles and related documentaries; and this one looks to be superb!!!
  2. I remember some quite INTERESTING stories - including a few of our own Diane remember lol - aaahhh it was the place to be some Friday and Saturday nights.
  3. The long awaited film by Martin Scorcese that he did on the life of George Harrison is premiering I believe October 5th and 6th in two parts. I can't wait to see it - the trailers look like he did a great job!
  4. Have a marvelous day with Herman on your birthday!!!!
  5. Sorry to hear that Donna - I spoke with Diane before - she's ok in Long Island - said it was very scary there and there is a lot of flooding. I don't think that Manhattan quite got what they expected but I do think the mayor did the right thing in keeping people off the streets and mass transit stopped - Brooklyn and Long Island seemed to get the brunt of the storm as well as NJ. It's very lucky the back end of the storm after the eye hit disappeared because the other side of the storm would have really caused more damage with winds and rain and flooding. You guys all lucked out!
  6. Good luck to you all out there!!! I can only imagine the nightmare commute on Monday ----
  7. Diane - you go to the shelter if they tell you to go. It's better to have a false alarm then be scared out of your wits in a house alone during a hurricane. Way back when in 1985 when Elena churned 150 miles off of Bradenton for like 2 days it was horrible - it was Labor Day Weekend, my brother was here visiting, my mom and dad were here - my Aunt and Uncle had to evacuate to our house because we were on high enough ground. The sound of the wind was frightening alone - then the Emergency Broadcast System on the radio went on and they said "this is NOT a test"... there is a tornado down in St. Pete... luckily there was not a lot of wind damage or water, and thank god we didn't lose power for any length of time and that storm never even came onshore..... the next day we had a thunderstorm that was even more scary - I think I have a photo on it in my facebook photos. P.S. I just found out that one of my old high school friends is out on Long Beach Island after they evacuated and he intends to ride the storm out alone.... I think he's a numbskull - even at a category 1 this thing is still HUGE and dangerous. Just be safe people!~!
  8. Glad to see you and the little one on the board
  9. A safe an uneventful weekend. My sinuses have been awful the past 3 days due to the low pressure in that storm and it is really far away from us - Barometer MJ strikes again - please don't go out and do anything foolish - they say the grounds are so saturated up there trees can fall at any time in the best of times. Take care of yourselves!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Miriam's complications. I hope she has the strength to pull through and be with her family and friends.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that Bernie; however, you did get to go to the Hall of Fame thing with those "other" guys to see their last show lol. Monkees had a great audience vibe though - all those people not afraid to show that they liked the band after all these years! Plus great songs by great songwriters!
  12. Bernie - the "Head" section of the show was fabulous - hearing some of those songs that I really hadn't listened to since what - 1968? Tony - you bad.....
  13. Wendy, Diane, and whoever else attended this year - Facebook announced on Davy's, Micky's and Peter's websites that due to "business reasons" they cannot continue the tour - the giant egos have reared their ugly heads - thank god we had good shows! I feel bad for all the other fans who bought tickets and now will never get the chance to see them.
  14. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend and I wanted to see Scott and Wally play more than anything, let alone some Choir bassists being there OMG. Someone just better film - that's all I have to say lol.
  15. MJ

    Did U Love Lucy?

    Lucy's timing was impeccable as a comedian - she worked hard to achieve what she did over the early years in television - Desi had a good hand in it as well, but nothing compares with Lucy.... watched all the Lucy's except for the very last series she did that got canceled. Just look at this .... great timing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY8Zw85rqHU&feature=related
  16. Congrats Miriam - love that romper!!! Great job on the vid Wendy!
  17. My dad was the music man in the family - they listened to Elvis, Herb Alpert amongst the Beatles and others (my dad I think was 34 or 35 when I was born). My dad's 4 favorite songs in the "pop rock" generation were Sally Go Round the Roses, Dancing in the Streets and Words of Love by Cass Eliott and Sway by Bobby Rydell lol. His harder edge was Led Zeppelin - found he had stolen my Physical Grafitti album and was playing Kashmir and Boogie with Stu until they skipped lol. He also loved the theme from The Killing Fields. On the bad side - they loved to sing Barbership songs at the dinner table every holiday dinner - the entire family harmonizing - and my one cousin was tone deaf big time lol. So with my dad bringing in his contributions. Oh and we listened to a lot of Benny Goodman - Sing Sing Sing, and a lot of other 40's tunes like Dardinella, Stompin at the Savoy - and of course, the perrineal standard tune - Red River Valley ahahahahha. My brother was the big influence in terms of 60's music - he had the 4000 plus 45 collection
  18. Hmmm I personally have two favorite campy actors of the show ... the first and foremost is always Grayson Hall - if you notice every time she'd try and overact she'd twist and slap around her grey gloves she always was carrying - and then she uttered the funniest line I ever heard because she forgot her line - she said to Willie - "I will check on you .... periodically.." and that was no where near what she was supposed to say at least in the context of that particular conversation. The 2nd favorite campiest actor - DR LANG OMFG ..... when Dr. Lang was dying I was cracking up literally - .... "if Adam lives......then Barnabus Collins... will be ........ as he was............ BEFORE... aahahahahah. That guy was a real hoot to watch. The campiness of it now is endearing - it's probably what drew me to watch it in the beginning in 1966.
  19. Everyone has a great collection of instruments! I love seeing what everyone plays and Bahoo you got some great deals!!
  20. Ok speaking of the triangle - and I KNOW it's in the wrong place but here we go...... www.youtube.com
  21. Happy Birthday HT Have a good one!
  22. NO NOT THAT ONE GUYS - I mean your musical gear! Today I went out and obsessed and fell in love with my new 60th Anniversary Fender P Bass - now I have 3 basses. All Fenders - all basses. Talk turkey with me guys - tell me why your babies are so important to you. Mine is very simple - I've always loved the way Fender basses looked and sounded - I know a few of you out there have way more instruments than I have - but let's hear it! Oh and I also splurged and finally got a bit larger amp - I got a Fender Rumble 30 as well lol. I need another room to house all these!
  23. I am also saddened by the loss - the Grass Roots rocked!
  24. Oooooh Reverend Trask!!! I am a huge DS fan always have been - I can even play bass to one of the songs they always played at the Blue Whale lol.... I can't wait for this movie to come out - I think JD will do an excellent job - I even like Helena being Julia - Wendy's been to the DS conventions! I wish I could have attended a bunch myself. I still have an autographed photo of Jonathan Frid my brother got for me in the subway in NYC in the 80's lol - I think I still have the photo of Jonathan when he did an instore (well outside) of Stearns in 1967 lol - I was soooo excited. I also own all the series on dvd - the music is so soothing sometimes puts me right out to sleep until someone screams bloody murder and wakes me up lol.
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