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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the "cool" weather we are having and have a great day with your family & friends!
  2. I joined in 2007 because I loved the music of the Raspberries and both the Eric Carmen and Raspberries sites were merging together at that time. I've always loved music and to find people like Marvin, Steve, Giro, Bahoo, Darlene, Diane and all the countless others it was like a new adventure - finally lots of people to talk about music with - all types of music. Going to see the band in 2007 was one of the greatest things I've ever seen - and inspired me to pick up a bass and play it. I would have never even thought to do so until I came onto this board and talked and watched all this great music and video. I really don't venture into many topics except for the music and video conversations, and sometimes to Everything if someone has some bad news or a birthday. I think though that most of the threads that talk music should stay that way and not be derailed as sometimes they are (oh and I know I have been one of the derailers at times)... usually just to stop a huge fight between people on the board though. P.S. Marv - Esctacy is better than TONIGHT LMAO.
  3. I've kept my mouth shut up until now - Wally and Scott did a great show together - people had a good time and enjoyed it. I'm tired of hearing everyone's opinions - Wally is Wally, Eric is Eric, Jim is Jim, Dave is Dave, Scott is Scott, Mike is Mike, and the Overdubs were the Overdubs. I remember hearing quite a few jabs back and forth during both soundchecks in NYC in 07 - but that is not relevant here. Everyone is defending their favorite band member. The band no longer exists and they probably would be laughing at everyone here at this point because they are off doing their own thing and living their own lives and don't really give a damn about us or anything we say about them! LOL. And yes I am being crass right now. I think a reality check is in order for everyone lol. There - I have stated my peace. The End - .... and now ...... IT's........ (cue theme music to Monty Python)
  4. Come on and pull through it Pat! We are all cheering you on!
  5. I started collecting Penguins back in 70's because of that skit - lmfao -
  6. I have Waaay to many - The Money Song, The Argument Clinic, Mrs. Premis, The Penguin on the Tele, Deja Vu - I could go on for hours about their sketches - I love when they played the old women - they were always so hilarious.... I think they as a comedy troup were totally underrated... I still have some VHS tapes of them which I have to convert to dvd or hell perhaps I will just buy the entire set of dvd's with the interviews on them for Christmas for myself lol.
  7. The Upperclass Twit of the Year sketch - one of my very favorites (I have about 50 of them you know lol) .... the classic line John Cleese utters ..... Oh there's Oliver and he's dead but he's not necessarily out of it OMG ..... enjoy: Upper Class Twit
  8. I'm so glad some of you got to see Scott & Wally perform together - I am SOOO Jealous lol. I hope there will be video that will be available for us all - after all it was for a great cause to benefit kids and music! I would have loved to have heard the Fotomaker songs live! Hell I would have loved to hear anything those two sang live OMG....
  9. SIGH ....... sounds like a great setlist... I would have loved to have heard When is Your Dream and Play on live OMG let alone all the other songs.... Thanks Marv for your insight and take on the evening. I hope you get home safe and sound!
  10. Marv is a great friend and musician --- hope you have a wonderful time!
  11. I happened to come across (ahem) a video download of a BBC show entitled Holy Flying Circus... first thing just from the title told me - OMG it's a Python related show.... sure enough a bunch of really great actors and comedians got together and did a somewhat dramatization (if one could call this comedy as such) of what happened after the Pythons finished Life of Brian and the unheard of protests by all countries trying to ban the film due to their belief it was sacraligious (spelling please?) It also delved into what happened on a BBC debate back in 1979 between Michael Palin, John Cleese, some Deacon of the Church of England and an old washed up actor. At first I thought oh it's not really them playing themselves but these actors were SOOOO FREAKING great - one almost forgot that they weren't the real thing! The guys who played Cleese and Palin and Idle were almost clones of the guys and the guy who played Terry Gilliam even spoke like the real one! I recommend if you can get a hold of this on a pay per view or dvd at some time to watch it - I laughed and almost forgot it wasn't the real guys on the show! I give it a P*ss Off and a How's Your Mother rating lol!
  12. You know SINCE it is a BENEFIT for children and music - perhaps they will have an official shot video of it to raise more funds - and if they didn't someone should have called me so I could have told them they'd make more money for the cause by offering a video!!! There are still a LOT of Wally/Raspberries/Choir/Robin Electric fans out there that would be glad to fork out some dough for this great cause!
  13. Please if you can take photos, video (shhhh) whatever - I'd love to see Scott and Wally perform again along with Jesse and Billy Sullivan and everyone else. I could really kick myself this time for not attending but I had soooo many auto repairs this month plus insurance I just couldn't get that kind of cash to stay up there for a few days... I will be there in total spirit cheering them all on for a great cause..... Have a great time everyone who is attending the show!!!
  14. Well I can honestly say I shed a few tears again for George - reliving his life and then watching the people who loved him talk about him still makes it very sad. Thank god the music will last throughout our lifetimes and we can keep him and all of the other great musicians throughout time alive.
  15. Well I set my new vcr/dvd recorder last night to tape the show, had my mom also tape in another room - between the two of us - mine did nothing but a blank screen, she decided to change the channel on her tv and then realized she had screwed up the video lol - finally I did an On Demand this morning at 4:30 am and just hit the record button and left the tv on and went out to the gym. I'm watching it right now and am really enjoying it! George was a wonderful guy and quite funny in his own right. Can't wait until Part 2 tonight!
  16. The only people I heard that got married was Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed - and I seriously doubt that Tunes is a huge Kiss fan lol.
  17. MJ

    Time to Go

    Wishing you and your family the best Carol - try and pop in at from a friend's computer sometime!
  18. Carol Kaye you say? Who is she? Well Carol is a professional bassist who many know from most of the 1960's and 1970's albums you bought over the years - she was a session player with the Wrecking Crew - a bunch of extremely talented studio musicians that included Glen Campbell. She played bass on Good Vibrations, The Beat Goes On, I'm A Believer, amongst hundreds of other songs. There is a documentary coming out on just Carol's contribution to music and for those wishing to be a part of it - Bernie has generously let me post the link to contribute to the producers of the documentary to allow this to happen. If you don't wish to contribute just watch the clips of the documentary that is being made to see what a talented woman who was pretty much playing in a man's world in the recording studios of California in the early 60's and 70's. Thanks Carol Kaye Documentary
  19. Not having grown up in the OH area and only being about 8 during the Cyrus Erie timeframe, I really couldn't say too much about Bob; I have read about him in Marathon Man and heard that Cyrus Erie was a killer band. It's always a sad thing when former bandmates pass on.
  20. It simply means that even the Fender site wanted people to only talk about Fender basses - nothing more, nothing less. No one was allowed to show their "personality" on the board and have some fun. In all cases someone always seems to get offended by a post or a comment. The typed word is usually always taken in the wrong context - you need to see a facial expression to see if the person is being serious or not - unless you are Tommy, who keeps a poker face at all times ahahahah. Make sense now?
  21. but people being asked to leave on the Fender Precision Bass board? Just because they were posting Pennywise the Clown photos and derailing some threads?? Who knew??? I personally just ignored most of the stupid stuff and read the threads where they told me things about the bass and/or playing that applied to me lol. I guess we tend to forget that we are not the reality or the you tube stars but just a bunch of people typing back and forth to one another lol. I'm just glad I am not an administrator - I'd probably ban everyone lmfao.
  22. Happy Birthday to the most knowledgable man when it comes to music, the most opinionated political debater, perhaps the biggest Graham Nash/Hollies fan in existence, great father and a pretty decent guy ...... heh ......
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