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  1. They are playing a 2,600 seat venue in Tampa - tickets went on sale for members of that venue on Thursday and Friday - I'm just hoping there are some seats available to the public when they go on sale this Friday.
  2. MJ

    2012 Grammys

    This is the first time in maybe 20 years I'll watch it just to see the Beach Boys perform; otherwise I could care less.
  3. Ahahahahah @ the JohnO Comment
  4. I'm pretty sure I will be out of commission in April and can't fly. Arrgh.
  5. I absolutely loved the Mott album - stole it from my brother whenever he wasn't home - I'm A Cadillac ... heh great Mick Ralphs tune. Don't forget Alice on the Hoople about the hooker - loved that song as well - very Lou Reedish..... Ian is one talented man - Loved his solo album as well. Only thing that I found sad is that Buffin has been very ill during the reunion tours and could hardly play the drums - I think the original Clash drummer was backing up the band and Buffin only sat in for a few songs. And let's not rule out Ariel Bender - I loved him - he was a real flash guitarist. I never understood the Ronson thing though - it never worked out at all - he releasing Slaughter on 10th Ave at the same time he joined the Hoople on tour - caused much dissention in the band.
  6. Ok you Hoople fans I know you are out there. I just received today my dvd copy of The Ballad of Mott the Hoople which I sent for directly from Start Productions. I waited 5 weeks for it to arrive from England, it's an all region dvd which included a Mott poster and some Mott Postcards - but the dvd itself was incredible - lots of live footage I'd never seen, interviews with Ian, Buffin, Verdan Allen, Morgan Fisher, Ariel Bender aka Luther Grovesner, Mick Ralphs.... sadly Overend declined doing any interviews Anyway it's about an hour and a half of pure enjoyment for the Mott fans out there. The extras on the disc includes some of the 2009 footage of the reunion 5 date tour (before they did more gigs of course lol).... Bernard - go out and get this baby - Giro - you too! They showed some 16 mm film of the Uris Theater show with the Marionettes dancing in the background - oh HOW I wish my mom would have let me see that show in 1974. Anyway - anyone who likes Mott the Hoople, get yourself a copy - you won't be disappointed!!!
  7. MJ

    Over-Played Songs

    107.9 plays oldies - the two most played songs at least daily are...... drumroll please ...... Go All the Way and Wouldn't It Be Nice ....... can't EVER say I tire of either one of them!!!!
  8. I just noticed this post lol - Nice to see you back Lew.
  9. You once told me that I was the female you - well the female you wishes you all the best on your birthday and for many days ahead! P.S. Hoorah Hurrah - it's Winchell Mahoney Time ....
  10. Always a pleasure to see a band photo
  11. MJ


    I saw Barb had said this Saturday was better than last - and Jim posted something about Raspberries in Australia being #8 of all time pop hits or something so I guess he is on the mend!
  12. MJ


    Jim Bonfanti posted on Facebook this morning - apparently he had a heart attack on Friday night and is being sent home today - please join with me the sigh of relief that he is on the mend and send all good thoughts to the man who can bash it out as good as Keith Moon! xxxoooo
  13. I miss Saturday morning cartoons, Wonderama, Shindig, Am Bandstand, Hullabaloo - I miss all the television from the mid to late 1960's ...... I miss my original Barbie dolls my mom made me give away when I was 12 1/2 because "I was too old to even keep them in my closet (let's not even DISCUSS how much they are worth today with all the outfits I had since 1963), I miss my original 16, Spec, Tiger Beat, Circus, Raves, Creem, ROck Scene magazines from 1965 until I believe 1979 (those were gulp - thrown out onto the street because we were moving in 1981) (yet another huge expense trying to recreate my 1974-1979 rock magazine collection). I miss the seasons, the pussywillows in the early spring, daffodils, the wild black eyed susans that used to be around all the time. I miss being a child and not having any worries at all except for maybe missing a Monkees episode lol. I miss just being innocent and having fun at my Aunt June's house in the summer time - swimming in her built in pool, playing "store", making tents to hang out in. At least I can still look back and remember these things (so far lol). I also miss my favorite candy store that had all the best magazines and gum cards and Buy Rite - my favorite toy store in the whole world - I can still smell in the summertime the chlorine in the building as they put some above ground pools on one side of the store every year. I guess I just miss being under 12 years old - before all the S**T hit the fan lol.
  14. Back in 1979 or 80 - I was supposed to go see them in Philly at some stadium and my mom didn't want me going to such a big outdoor event - everyone got heat stroke there it was almost 100 there. Anyway - if they play anywhere near Tampa or Orlando I will make a conserted effort to get my butt to that show - I want to hear the tunes and be a part of it after growing up with the music all my life!
  15. Diane - well now you are a bit more settled - are your electrics all working now in the entire house??? I dread the thought of ever having to move .... I think I'll just run away instead lol.
  16. What!!!! No conspiracies happened on August 11th??? I Don't Believe It!!!!!
  17. MJ

    Has it....

    I remember it as if it were yesterday.... I always went to bed reasonably early because I had to get up at 4:30 am to get ready for work.... I always slept with WPLJ on at night ... I was halfway asleep when I heard it - I sat bolt upright and couldn't get back to sleep. I'm pretty sure it had been snowing that morning going to work - the roads were not even plowed yet - I went into the cafeteria at work to get some hot tea and a bagel and was in shock still - I turned around to the maintenance man who worked there who was my age and we just looked at each other and started talking about it - I felt like a family member had died - after all we all pretty much grew up with him as children with all the music the tv appearances, the Beatles cartoons.... I kept the newspaper that day - still have it. Some things you just can never throw away - like all that brillant music he made. The person in jail - I won't even speak his name - he never deserves any kind of mention.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving everyone - hope everyone enjoys!
  19. I am stealing a quote from Steve ......... "N I C E "
  20. He's gonna be a charmer that's for sure
  21. Diane Diane Diane my friend - we've been through quite a lot these past few years but we are still hanging in there! I wish you the best of health, less stress and many more happy times for the next year..... even if it kills us lol. Have a great birthday.
  22. Happy Birthday Billy - hope you get to enjoy it either on the road or at home with your family!
  23. Happy Birthday Val - you keep going girl!
  24. Growing up in Wayne, yes where they got the Fountains of Wayne name from - I can't help but like a few of their songs - Hackensack is pretty good. Can't say as I have listened to all of their tunes though.
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