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  1. Happy Birthday Missy I hope you have a great day and lots of fun!
  2. Anyone up for one? Steve? Giro? Marv? Ted? Let me know.
  3. um yeah - they changed the way music was recorded - using George Martin who took them into whole other areas of writing and using different instruments - the Beatles pretty much shaped the 1960's music scene... they influenced every-day people besides musicians - hell my dad absolutely loved Penny Lane and all of their songs - there's not a song that is played by them that I don't have a great memory associated with it - like what I was doing the first time I heard it - or some other moment.... you can see the progression from them from their early beginnings in songwriting to their later work.... what were you listening to during your childhood????
  4. MJ

    Heh heh.......

    ahahahahahahahahah -
  5. Ernie - don't make me feel bad I'm not flying up there for it!!!! LOL.
  6. Reid my good buddy - I hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your wishes come true - just don't strain blowing out those candles!!! :p
  7. Mitch you are the official photographer for the show - I expect lots of great shots (in between your yelling encouragement and clapping that is lol)
  8. Neither could I Marv - I've got way too many favorites.
  9. MJ

    Senior Moments

    Hey watch it - belated birthday girl !
  10. MJ

    Senior Moments

    I'm only 48 I don't have senior moments - I have middle-age moments where I walk into a room and just stand there puzzled - I have also been known to try and put things in the freezer that have no place being there..... and I do on occasion forget someone I've worked with for 10 years name... but I solve that problem my never really calling people by their name in the first place. Don't ever expect me to meet you and remember your name - it takes me at least a week to associate you with something or someone else ahahha - unless of course we've "met" on this board - then I will only call you your user name because I can't remember your real one.
  11. Happy Birthday Barb - I hope Jim spoils you absolutely rotten on your birthday and you have lots of fun! Hope to see you next year sometime in a "musical setting"
  12. just went on at 10 eastern - only on for a 1/2 hour - go watch it!
  13. Amazing the man still plays and so well at his age - very inspiring for all guitarists worldwide.
  14. Marv I think it's that song "Kiss me Once and Kiss Me Twice - it's been a long long time...." Am I right - an old 40's song?
  15. Yes I was going to ask that question myself Marvin - I wondered how the music was!
  16. Diane WHO???? ahahahaha - You have a great day Diane - you are one of a kind and such fun to be around.....
  17. MJ


    Take Ernie's advice Daisy - don't try to save money when dealing with moving a piano!!
  18. I'm glad you all had a great time!!!! Val I hope you took photos - We need to see photos!!!
  19. I use one online now - when I want to keep strict time ....
  20. Very sad to hear - the three of them really took music to a different plane - and I went along for the ride......
  21. Well Val - you have an excellent day with lots of fun - don't ever give up on anything - EVER!!! You know what I mean Have a great birthday....
  22. I think VH1 Classic is doing something on Mudcrutch - this week but don't hold me to it.
  23. Ugh -- what did you say Diane???? ahahahahah
  24. Have an excellent day with the family John!
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