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  1. Ernie - Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends! I look forward to seeing you out on the road with you know who!!!
  2. Very nice addition to the collection Bernie
  3. Personally even the clips to that movie (4 Christmases) made it appauling at best... A baby puking isn't worth my time thank you lol.
  4. MJ

    A Year Ago Today

    Yes thanks Billy - I hope we all get to see more of you and the rest of the guys again!!!
  5. was House of Blues in LA! Heard the radio show live from my hotel room and was so excited they were playing that night... of course the weather was horrid - Tony got in a wreck and never made it to the show, but Anna and Jill and I hung out and had lunch that afternoon and then met up with Marvin and Sherberries and her husband, and then the rest of the gang and off we went to stand out in the cold to wait for our M&G which was supposed to have been at 2, but due to the radio show and them running late from being in the studio that evening (YEAH WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THOSE SONGS GUYS?????).... we braved the cold and had the time of our lives. I will never forget that show - ever lol. One can only hope with a bit of luck and the planets alligning correctly it will happen again and we'll all get to witness another great show - well - maybe 7 or 8 shows huh guys? ahahahahah :p
  6. MJ


    No the big question is .... Ira do you own a pair of Wally's socks???? (It's an inside joke Ira) :p
  7. Happy Birthday .... and the answer is No the band will NOT be playing in your town or at your house for the occasion lmfao Have a good one anyway.
  8. Happy Birthday Phil - always a pleasure to chat with you!
  9. MJ

    Friday Chat

    Chat has started early - tonight's guest is Bernie but he's not staying long!!!
  10. MJ

    Friday Chat

    to discuss what or what you didn't purchase today??? Or just to discuss various topics of interest??? Same Bat Time - Same Bat Channel - you know the way.......
  11. Thanks Eric have a good one.
  12. There are not enough vertical spikes in that writing - he's not doing a good enough job of it OMFG ahahahahahhahah................ Don't ask me how I know about things like that - I'll never tell.
  13. MJ

    "Black Friday"

    Usually I have to work because banks do not get Black Friday off - but this year I am off - I plan on sitting at home avoiding all traffic and those nuts shopping and just enjoying the day off. I internet shop - they gift wrap, send to their house - no hassles at all! It's not right living in Florida during the holidays - you just can't shop in shorts and get the full effect EVER.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates! Muzza - our gym in town is open today so I'm off BEFORE dinner to do my usual Thursday thing lol.
  15. Happy Birthday Kirk - hope to see you out on the road sometime next year! Bring the guitar!
  16. MJ

    Manic "Animaniacs"!

    The Senior Producer of that show was Tommy Ruegger, my brother's Dartmouth College roommate. I believe he won an emmy for that show.
  17. Well Ernie at least it wasn't the doubleneck string that broke this time! Yes they need to take it on the road - Florida is an awfully nice area to play in the winter-time! I really want to hear Jesse perform live sometime SOON!
  18. I'm not feeling too well today so I just now saw the photos - interesting ages in the front row - looks to be from 12 to about late 30's - or is that just the styles making some of the ladies look older?
  19. Here's wishing Jesse and Wally a great show Play on boys - play on ..............
  20. MJ

    Chat This Evening?

    HMMMMM 9:30 OR 9:45 ISH????
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