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    Oh so now he's Bob Woodward? Nobody's going to get the government to admit to all of it anyway. It's a moot point. Can we move on to something more positive?
  2. MJ


    you know all this rehashing will never bring back those poor people who died in the crash... what do you really hope to prove or change here Eric????
  3. John Gielgud was priceless as well - "shall I wash your d*ck for you" ahahhaa I fell right outta the chair..... talk about a smart-ass butler.
  4. MJ

    Toy Myths Quiz

    I got 9 out of 10 correct - I know my toys hah!
  5. That guy's a movin lol! She's just accompanying him -
  6. I also believe that women who kill their children or abuse them should also be mandatorily sterilized so that they cannot bring another life into the world just to destroy it..... but you know the law - that won't happen... at least maybe she'll be locked up for life with no parole.
  7. I don't like ANY of those "popular" women out there - I can't even stand any of the American Idol people. Some one at work the other day brought in a Tiger Beat or something because they were going to get their pre-teen cousin a subscription for Christmas. I opened it up - and I think I only recognized 2 people in it - Miley Cyrus and of course Taylor Swift.... everyone else apparently is from the High School Musical thing or the Jonas Brothers.... Everyone in the magazines now are all about age 18 and under - do you remember when we were kids and 16 and Tiger Beat had men in their... oh say.... mid 20's ..... like the Raspberries, or the Beatles, or the Dave Clark 5, in them? People with REAL talent.
  8. as Steve would say ........ "nice"..........
  9. MJ

    Game Shows

    Password with Allen Ludden and Betty White (announcer whispers....) The password is.......
  10. Happy Birthday Tim - hope to see you soon at a show!
  11. I have moderate and hardly checked any boxes - now that is frightening!
  12. MJ

    That's Rock & Roll

    I listen to a lot of the same songs daily - but that's just because I'm playing bass to them and learning how to play them..... otherwise I have about 200 on my mp3 player that go round and round and round - but I don't listen to that every day - only on the weekends at the gym when I am stuck on the treadmill for extended periods of time. I like a lot of variety in my music - and not everything is Raspberries (OMG - will I be shot at dawn for stating that? AHAHAHHAHA)
  13. So nice to see the backbone of the band represented here with his drums
  14. MJ


    Eric - you have WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS..... how about you consider taking all that energy and concern and perhaps .... WRITE A SONG instead????? All these subjects will just give you an ulcer!!!
  15. And "I" thought I couldn't DO math. LOL
  16. uh Giro - maybe they just have the FLU ahahahhahaha
  17. There are a bunch of people you know from here - AggiesJC aka Jennifer is the one who says 'it's like a shot of adrenline in the arm'' Darlene is in it at the end and so is Hungry Eyes aka Gina - and Mitch tells us his favorite song is I'm A Rocker..... I know I know the rest but I can't place the name with the faces as well....
  18. MJ

    Do Ya Wanna

    Chat this evening? 9:30-ish eastern - get out your party hats..... we'll celebrate Ernie's birthday without him!
  19. Roberta singing Killing Me Softly is just perfect.
  20. Aretha is ok - but I prefer Martha Reeves or Darlene Love or even Diana Ross.... Diana is a bit lightweight for my taste but I absolutely love The Happening and a few other classics....
  21. A Christmas Story movie is a MUST every year - I almost bought my brother the Leg Lamp last year ahahahha...... my favorite line from the movie "Randy lay there like a slug! It was his only defense!" A Charlie Brown Christmas is also a must in my house. Of Course it IS a Requirement in the House that Phil Spector's A Christmas Album CD is played at least 20 times a day...... My favorite funny Christmas memories are actually on a video from 1990 - when my parents, my brother and my grandparents and cousins were over - it reminds me of a Monty Python sketch or an Uncle Floyd episode (for those of you from NJ who remember)... everytime I watch it I end up crying from laughing so hard - I never thought our family was particulary humorous until that Christmas - everyone was a ham and doing silly things. Of course my dad and my grandparents are gone now so it's pretty quiet around here on Christmas just mom and I. I have a favorite photograph of Christmas as well - I believe the year was around 1965-66 - my brother had gotten his first tape recorder but what's really funny about it now is my parents bought him the board game FINANCE .... and he's NEVER been able to control his spending or budgets EVER lol. Childhood Christmases were always fun. Also I can remember singing the Draidel song when I was little Oh and the Cyril Stapleton Children's Christmas Choir album - I still have that as well - worn out to the grooves. And when it snowed around Christmas in NJ was always fun - being bundled up like Randy and told to go out and play when you could not even move ahahahha.
  22. Sorry my mistake on my previous post ... John was sitting in front of JFK in the car. That video was quite bizarre how the SS was pulled away from the car - that really frightens me.
  23. My best friend's uncle John Connelly was sitting right next to JFK in the car and got shot as well.
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