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  1. You have a great rest of the year also Kholvn!
  2. Happy Birthday John! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of GREAT Pop Tunes!
  3. Yeah you all should have been from NJ :p
  4. Have Bernie set up the web cam and broadcast on here lol - then we can conference in on the phone maybe for all of us away from the City.
  5. I don't have a problem with white belts or white shoes - it's when men wear their pants up near their chest that it bothers me ahahahhaah Or.... of course living in Florida you can see some of the worst-dressed men all gathered in one demographic area.... wearing the height of fashion - the plaid shorts with the hawaiian shirt with black socks and sandles..... YIKES.... Get me OUTTA HERE!!!! ahahahaha
  6. MJ

    Weird message

    damn - I should have posted No I Didn't GET THE MESSAGE ahahahha.
  7. MJ

    Weird message

    I never leave unless I have to totally reboot so I didn't get it either.
  8. MJ

    Got Guitar?

    Very very very Nice photo.......
  9. ho hohohohohoh hahahahhahahaha hahahahah That cheered me up today - thanks.
  10. I concur with Marv and Steve on that as well.
  11. MJ

    Another LIST

    Hey!!! Whipped Cream and other Delights made the list!
  12. Have a great day and thanks for updating MM!
  13. Happy Birthday Jim!!! You are a great guy and I hope you have a great birthday!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Andy - keep posting those You Tube's of yours!
  15. Wendy I can top that photo - pm me your email I'll send it to you - I have a deer in the headlights shot of me and Jim that is hilarious from the Highline... I was fine meeting everyone else I got up to Jim and my legs started shaking - must have been aftershocks ahahhaha.....
  16. Um .... I am way beyond adversarial in most of the opinions I express - and I certainly don't kiss anyone's ass. I believe Trindy made a good point about things - I'm not a follower of the Pied Piper just because he's playing a decent tune. AHAHAHHAHA And that can be taken any way anyone wants to - and I am in accounting/banking....
  17. I'm not a solo fan at all so I remain silent.
  18. MJ


    Come to Florida Eric plenty of sunshine - go get a tan and RELAX.
  19. MJ


    Eric - I did watch it - and I can see all your points they are valid - but it is such a depressing thing to watch it breaks my heart. I don't trust anyone in government - which is why I really don't even try to discuss politics. I was only 3 when Kennedy got shot but I remember it vividly - my mother and I were in the car driving from her hair appointment when it came on the radio. I remember watching the funeral on tv - even though I was very young I new it was an important thing to remember. I also remember when MLK was assasinated and Bobby as well. Later on as I got older I understood what was going on. You can't trust anyone but yourself - and sometimes - even that is questionable lol.
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