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  1. I came in at 1% but I'll probably have a stroke instead!
  2. I saw Swiss Miss in the parking lot - and I thought - well it IS LA ahahahhaha.....
  3. Happy New Year Muzza and Kiwi!!!
  4. Hmmm I have never listened to it so I'd say I failed the quiz lol.
  5. Nothing is selling here at all in Sarasota/Bradenton - there are houses in the neighborhood that have been up for sale for over a year - and we suffer the same issue as Shelley in the job market.
  6. I think we need more cards - just like the ones when we were kids like the Beatles and Monkees - where it makes a giant poster on the one side if you collect all 62 of them
  7. MJ

    Vacation Tips

    Australia is nice - if you can survive the flight over - my advice - take business or 1st class if you go - otherwise it's like being on one of those trains in India where there are people lying on the top of the train lol.... Melbourne and Sydney are nice so is the Gold Coast... but I went in their winter time/spring - it's probably really nice in their summer. Very friendly people there - and usually are very excited to help out or talk to Americans.
  8. You know me Bernie I need more Berries less...... ahahahahhaha
  9. Daisy why did you take your photo off of it - I saw it - now people think I am hallucinating thank you very much!
  10. Yeah that House of Blues Blues was great!
  11. You know the ones ...... the practical or the strange...... I got a steamer for my clothes - I think my mother knew Marvin wasn't coming down to do all my ironing for me ahahahhahah What did you not expect????
  12. I saw something once a few years ago - I used to walk really early in the mornings (about 4:30 or so) - I just happened to looked up at the sky one day - it was fairly lit from the moon and I saw something huge - and I MEAN huge moving across the sky - it wasn't lit though - was the size of a few football fields as well... I just stood there with my mouth open lol. There was no sound or anything like a jet engine. Now we live about an hour from McDill Airforce base but this was not that jet that flies below radar and is invisible - this thing was incredibly HUGE! I thought it was an asteroid or something - whatever it was it moved pretty fast up there for something that large - maybe faster than a jet but not like those UFO things in Close Encouters lol. I didn't see it after about 3 minutes. Never saw anything about asteroids passing way too close or any other UFO thing in the papers. I'll never forget seeing it whatever it was!
  13. I got a 100% and I might add half the bytes weren't done before I answered them hah!
  14. I only got one wrong - which isn't too bad - it was the Stephen Stills one - I never liked him lol.
  15. MJ

    "Chanukah Wishes !"

    Ira - I'll sing the draidle song just in your honor Have a great holiday.
  16. Ho Ho Ho Santa Bernie - can't wait to see what's going to be under that tree!! Have a great Christmas this year!
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