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  1. Happy Birthday Bernie - I know almost all your wishes have already come true - but think BIGGER ahahahhaha
  2. Ahhh Eric - the Ronettes are a girl group - I love the Ronnettes and Martha & the Vandellas, the Go Go's and the Pointer Sisters to name a few girl groups. I like Dionne and Leslie and Aretha but not enough to go out and buy an entire CD of their greatest hits (but I do have 1 or 2 songs on my mp3 player) for each of them. (You'll note I did say "most" female singers). I certainly don't like any current female singers out there - no one has impressed me enough to even download a song of theirs. I'm sure to cause some kind of reply posts when I say I don't like ANY country singers - not male or female - just don't like country or jazz music - I do not own any country cd's at all. And no I didn't buy the latest Bon Jovi cd..... The farthest I go with country is I have My Maria and El Paso on my mp3 player lol. I do like Linda Ronstandt though as a solo singer and have a greatest hits CD. Did I clarify my statement enough?
  3. For those who go - take pictures..... and have a blast - I will want to hear what all the people played!
  4. 5th Dimension hands down. Sheryl and Streisand - I really don't like most solo female singers -
  5. MJ

    Be Very Glad

    you were not one of those 150 passengers who plunged into the Hudson River today while trying to take off .... birds flew into the engines - good grief! Luckily everyone survived the crash into the water - but the temp was 6 with a wind chill and the water temp must have been extremely brisk! That pilot did a damn fine job - at least the plane didn't sink when it went into the river!
  6. Happy Birthday Don - hope you have a great one!
  7. I still want to know how the album isn't going to melt on the island....and if Gilligan or the Skipper will be pedaling to run the phonograph in the first place!!!! Tell me that Larry!
  8. In reponse to the title of this post........... Definitely NOT on THIS BOARD OMG ahahahahha !!!!
  9. ahahahahhaha OMFG Eric - I actually agree with you on something!
  10. Personally I'd bring the Beach Boys Endless Summer or the Stones High Tide and Green Grass or some other upbeat greatest hits album myself - hell you're on an island - what better than beach music ... I could also take Cruisin Music as well you know Very interesting perspective Eric on what went on in the studio - I don't know how anyone has the patience to let people fiddle for hours adjusting instruments - that would drive me insane.
  11. There is ONLY one Answer to this........... B E C A U S E!!!!!
  12. Yeah but I'd never want to put them on mail ahahhaha.
  13. Nice pics Anna - we definitely need more of everyone.... taken at any venue of the band's choice..
  14. MJ

    T.V.-Not So Much

    Oh MARVIN ..... Julian IS hotter than Eric hands down..... ahahahhaha Oh and I like Masterpiece Theater and Antiques Roadshow and the old Warner Brothers cartoons and all other vintage tv.....
  15. MJ

    T.V.-Not So Much

    I usually watch dvd's of british sitcoms and/or dramas or once in awhile a mini-series on dvd. The only real show I watch on tv now is Lost - but I am going to tune in tonight to Nip Tuck just to get some eye candy from Julian McMahon ahahahha....
  16. Happy Birthday Wim - hope to see you at a show again someday!
  17. OMG STEVE - You POSTED IN THE INCORRECT SECTION FOR THIS THREAD !!!!! For this you must listen to your least favorite song about 15 times in a row aahahhahahha.
  18. Very sad way to start a new year with something you never ever get over.
  19. Daisy if you want it bad enough then pull your finger out and do it - I make time to practice - even though I'm not going to go out and play gigs ... if you want something bad enough just do it - don't blame others for what didn't happen - that is in the past - look to the future.
  20. I don't make resolutions just because it's a new year - I make them throughout the year without any annoucements or fanfare - I just stick with them and get on with things... no one else needs to know them hah!
  21. Happy New Year - I hope 2009 is filled with lots of fun things for us to enjoy ---- like great music - great friends --- oh and of course money lol.
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