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  1. MJ

    If only....

    ....... go on take the money and run. ........ whooo hooo hoooo ....... :p
  2. Not only is Rick a great "popmeister" but he's one hell of a live performer... if any of you have him coming to your town - go see him - it is so worth it.
  3. I'd find a plaid flannel shirt and drink some Moosehead beer.
  4. I heard from him the other day - I think he's been sick or just plain tired lol.
  5. They could not come to an agreement (Warner and I guess any internet site) so they yanked all the songs.
  6. this evening - there is a possibility of a chat around 9:30 eastern. Pop in and see if anyone is there....
  7. There I was practicing my bass - I put on Dragging the Line - and I started to figure out the bass line - but I got distracted and then went to another bunch of songs - and within a half FREAKING HOUR - they had deleted it off my playlist for copyright infringement!!!! A ARRRGGGHHHHH Now I'll have to find my CD of Tommy James somewhere to practice.... I don't like it when they take off my practice songs!
  8. Well the 2 hours was exhausting all that time traveling - I think I may have a bloody nose as well ahahahha :p
  9. MJ

    This is...

    I have a great sense of humor.... as most Raspberries fans will attest to.
  10. MJ

    This is...

    Prettymom was banned for bizarro posts like some other people we know..... Daisy got mad after a particular post and has never returned..... The saga goes on and on and on ....... Marvin may not be a citizen but he can out-iron ANYONE on this board - or so Diane tells me!
  11. I thought we had everything fine and dandy once we got PM outta here - apparently there are relatives out there.
  12. I really don't think you want me to fill in the blank Tommy!!!!!
  13. You guys are really sick in the head like some others who tread here.
  14. I am all ready to watch - it's been too long - I am very happy to view some eye candy and then try to figure out what is going on again for this season lol.
  15. MJ

    Inauguration Day

    Yes Marv but unfortunately this morning when I was waiting to get into the gym - 2 guys in their early 60's stood there and said some very racist remarks and I got totally offended and told them that they couldn't even behave for such a great moment in history... I mean really - like these idiots EVER were confederates - hell neither of them were raised in the South. I just can't tolerate people basing all their opinions on someone's skin tone - it really shows how ignorant people still are in Florida.
  16. MJ

    Inauguration Day

    I am home for lunch so I think I'll see the swearing in bit - the crowds are insane!!!
  17. Thanks for the audio Bernie! Kirk you should have been doing their PR back then lol....
  18. Puff really doesn't make me sad (probably because I don't have kids) - it's Leaving on a Jet Plane by PP & M that really gets me quite sad... A few years back when my friends kids were like 3 and 5 and I was on vacation with them for a week..... I had to endure Barney and they had some firetruck video - on and on and on it went - at the time I should have gotten a prescription for xanax ahahahhaha.....
  19. Yes Million Dollar Baby was a very depressing story... I do believe I cried during that one - I really like almost all the movies that Clint directs or stars in though. He's a damn fine director in my book.
  20. If no one knew the name Overend Watts they certainly would have recognized that silver and black hair with the thigh high platform boots by god!!! I certainly hope someone gets a boot out there of it or puts a piece on you tube for the US fans here!!! I'd love to hear Mick Ralphs play with them again - and Morgan Fisher tinkling those ivories.
  21. It's got a good bass line - I may have to learn that one as well Kirk - don't make me put you on my "sh*t list" ahahaha
  22. OMG OMG - MARVIN - I am a HUGE Mott the Hoople Fan - HUGE!!! I wish they were playing in the US!
  23. I will consider your choices. Thanks for your input. Now here's something humorous since you are talking Dionne - in elementary school each year we had to do vocal concerts for the parents - they always picked me to do a solo and what a coincidence - for two years in a row I had to do Dionne songs lol - one year it was Message to Michael - the other it was Trains and Boats and Planes ahahahah... the last year they made me sing Close to You. My mother still bitches because some girl erased her tape recording of me singing and she was promised a copy ahahha - I was glad it got destroyed.
  24. What Steve you still have Wally and Denny OMG - count your blessings!
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