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  1. Lew I don't know how to play Baa Baa Black Sheep but I'll look it up (yeah right).....
  2. You KNOW how I feel about that guitar Bernie and Ernie!!! It is a true work of art played by a master craftsman in my opinion.....
  3. My friend in TX suffers from massive panic attacks and one time they were at Disney and I was visiting her there and I left her at the lobby (because I was driving back home) and she went upstairs to a store and promptly had one - they ended up calling 911 and she had to go to emergency - they thought she was having a heart attack but that one was by far the worst - even she said she thought she was having a heart attack - and she does take medication for her attacks.....I found out the next day and felt awful that I wasn't there to help her. You never know when they will show up.... hopefully you will find the right combo of medicine and relaxation techniques to help you with your attacks.
  4. Well I'm kicking off at 79 as well lol - I'd better plan on retiring BEFORE 70 then at all costs.
  5. I didn't really like any of them - the budweiser one with the horse was ok - I found them pretty sub-par from prior years.
  6. I actually watched until the end - it was quite a nail biter for sure.
  7. When you have to put on your reading glasses to shave your legs.... and you still nick them to death ahahahha.
  8. I like 10th Avenue as well Sherry.
  9. I'm surprised he was able to get up after sliding into the cameraman ahahaha - I enjoyed it.... Little Steven seemed really excited to be there that's for sure!
  10. OMG Bernie I absolutely adore your take on the situation.
  11. I agree with all of the above. I think things have gotten a bit out in left field lately. It's up to Eric and Bernie - after all it's their site - and I know it costs a lot to run.
  12. My biggest issue is that they are on the island and it went back to the 1950's when they dropped an H bomb there (which of course didn't explode) - and yet the woman walking with the hostages was wearing a modern hair cut - so it really didn't go with the flow of time travel... but it was an interesting episode - I like Desmond.
  13. I live about an hour away from Tampa - I'm staying away from there this weekend that's for sure. I probably will tune in for halftime though.
  14. MJ

    "mail call..."

    Tim you hit the nail right on the head with that one!!!! Who really cares! Normally most people either send a regular email to the person or phone them - or just wait until they clear their mailboxes.... did it suddently become Peanut.com? When did this change occur??? ahahahahha
  15. Marv Rancid had a great album - they reminded me of the Clash when they first came out - very fresh - I own the CD was it called Out Came the Wolves??? I don't remember lol. Anyway it had Ruby Soho on it - and a bunch of other catchy tunes.
  16. Bruce at least could have used a better song than I Was Made for Loving You to lift ahahahahha.....
  17. I think the easier songs give much more pleasure than the impossible "all over the fretboard" songs lol.
  18. When you first learned to play - what was the first song you were just absolutely thrilled that you learned how to play correctly??? I'm just curious - because since I am still a beginner I pretty much jump for joy if I can figure out how to play something without bass tabs or chords to follow and I play it by ear.....
  19. Tony I believe it was that same lady - but I also heard something to the effect that it's the scientist guy's mother as well - oh what a tangled web we weave...... I got a kick out of Anna Lucia being the cop pulling someone over for erratic driving - some writer has a very sick sense of humor! I was hoping to see Charlie.... I hope he comes back at least for the last show - if we can make it through the next 2 seasons alive.
  20. Joan is definitely the rocker in that bunch - I'd pick a Joan cover pretty much anyday over anyone else's attempt - except for maybe uhhhhh... the Raspberries doing Beatles or Byrds covers that is
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