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  1. I am in complete agreement with you Marv on that!!! The sound of the doubleneck with Wally playing it to those songs and watching it live - just an incredible experience!!!!! Thanks Bernie Happy Valentines Day to you too!
  2. MJ

    After 30 years...

    Besides blurting out the obligatory "I LOVE YOU" something they've NEVER HEARD BY A FAN BEFORE IN THEIR LIVES..... I'm usually pretty good at holding a decent intelligent conversation.
  3. Well a few of us are more Team Raspberries.... that's all.... don't lump us all in the one category lol.
  4. what's up with the Team Carmen - I feel like we are either in Nascar or a Thunderbirds episode?? :p
  5. a chat this evening around 9:30 eastern time - depends on who is around and who wants to chat.... try to pop in and see ....
  6. Post of the Year!!! Hey I like that...........
  7. All the great composers hear every instrument and segment of their pieces - it is a feat beyond human comprehension to me -
  8. Wouldn't It Be Nice has always been my favorite song - the second favorite would be Fun Fun Fun and God Only Knows......
  9. Eric - my condolensces on your loss .... Aunt Muriel will always be with you in your heart and your memories.
  10. Where is my drool cloth Bernie???? I absolutely love the Rick and what amazing jangly notes coming outta that thing when he's playing it!
  11. That's because Chris Carter is a big Raspberries fan! I went to high school with him - he was always into music big time....
  12. MJ

    60's Girl Groups

    All this talk about Girl Groups - now I will have to hunt down that tape I have that ran back in the 80's on girl groups - now where did I put THAT thing???? My favs were the Ronettes and Martha & the Vandellas - although I liked the Crystals as well....
  13. Ahhh Linda - you have a wonderful day with your family and friends!!! Just have a great day!!
  14. Well unless you go into the nasty tanning booths the midwest legs are very pasty right now Steve!
  15. James - I am a full fledged member of the Leg Police and only I can judge if those legs are suitable for viewing.... I suggest you work out more first before showing those pasty sticks. ahahahha.
  16. Wendy I was at both those shows - I just got the biggest grin on my face after watching that - and speaking of being blonde - whoever drops the camera and you can see me standing in front of you know who!!! What a night - sigh.
  17. Reminds me of Red Dwarf (the spanner comment) - one of my fav comedies from across the pond.....
  18. OMG Bernie that is absolutely hilarious - I didn't even read this thread before - because I thought it was politics - not Lew-antics ahahhahahah..... You really shine with your creativity ... let's hope Obama isn't browsing the ec board ahahahhahah.....
  19. Jerry my sympthany to you and your family.
  20. Hey John - Happy Birthday and go see a few shows!!!!
  21. Maybe it was the part of the country she was living in didn't play it on radio - or she wasn't into glam like the rest of us lol.... I lived in the Tri-State area so it was all over the place....on the radio on tv...... My old friend in NJ NEVER even listened to any kind of music (her family were strict Baptists) until I got a hold of her - ahahahha - she was immediatley introduced to Beatles, Stones, Who, Led Zep, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, Hendrix, Edgar Winter, all kinds of music from 1973 onward - she ended up workin in a heavy metal bar once she moved out of her parents house....her family was mortified ahahha. They always said I corrupted her....with all the music
  22. Aahahahha I can hear him saying it as well .....
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