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  1. Ezra's in Bradenton - the owner/chef used to work at one of the swanky expensive eateries in Longboat Key. This guy comes up with a very ecclectic menu - lots of home made soups, great specials (he makes a killer blackened filet sandwich with sweet onions and tomato chutney) their hambugers are to die for... and lunch is only between $8-$13 which is a steal for the kind of food you are getting. Dinner gets a bit pricier and even more interesting. The decor is interesting as well - they have local artists paintings and sculptures in there - probably from the Ringling School of Art - and they are always playing smooth jazz or some other funky music in there. It's relaxing you don't have to get dressed up - and you get great food.
  2. Perhaps then it would be a good move to take a page out of Joan Jett's book and have formed your own record company so you end up being your own producer, arranger, manager, etc. But does that work for everyone - you never know - who will guarantee buying the product at that point. It's a crap-shoot.
  3. It's ok Bernie - all good things are worth waiting for!!!
  4. Damn that looks like a fun exhibit to go see - I wish I lived up there - maybe it'll go around the country!
  5. are going out all together this year - sounds very interesting.... I may go see them at the Ford Ampitheater in FL except it's in August and it's pretty damn brutal temperature wise then... but we'll see
  6. I Want You Back is my main goal of bass playing - if I ever get close to that - I will be happy. And yes John Paul Jones - very underrated bassist - I love to play Zeppelin - especially early Zep because of his playing.
  7. I can't really argue with the list - it's a good one. And Jamerson is #1.
  8. MJ

    GREAT! Sandwiches!

    Great - now I'm hungry ahahhaha.
  9. MJ

    GREAT! Sandwiches!

    My grandmother always insisted that you had to have "a nice ham sandwich" - now you could have it on Arnold White Bread, or pumpernickle, or rye ..... as long as it was "nice".... Also to this day I still cannot make a tuna-fish sandwich the way my grandma did - I think it has something to do with cutting off the corners of the bread - but I'm not sure ahahahhaha.....
  10. Interesting bunch of guys and song....... it's very upbeat - I like that.
  11. MJ

    Blackhawk Pat

    Welecome back Pat!
  12. Hoss - I too grew up in NJ and we were always driving somewhere so the radio was tuned in to WABC and WNBC with my brother at the radio dial controls lol. Unfortunately all we have are those great memories to fall back on - radio today is nothing but a bunch of dj's yapping on about some stupid subject - or even worse - they have little jingle songs they sing out of key now on the Oldies station down here - something about Pull Up Your Pants .... I want to scream every time I hear it at work.
  13. I joined that as well Tim - plus the Flying V club
  14. They are a riot - there are thousands to choose from..... This morning I joined "Bassists Who Play with a Pick aren't Bassists - they are Pansies" ahahahhahah..... Anyone join an interesting club as well???
  15. How about God Only Knows Lew? I think that one transends time...... and the arrangement on it is brilliant.
  16. MJ


    My favorite album is Aladdin Sane..... I even like his 80's stuff he did. A very talented man.
  17. Vera even if you don't want to post - you have to come in just to read all this insane, irrelvant stuff we are all posting! But if you don't want to come back - take care of yourself.
  18. I know what I'd try and do with it - hah! I'm not saying any more. Seriously though, I'd put most of it in savings - and then go buy a nice Fender American Bass - A Flying V just to put up on the wall for artwork - and maybe go visit some friends or go see some band - if they ever got their act together and put on a show! Hmmm - that reminds me - I'd go to England and see Mott the Hoople play this winter - that would be fun!
  19. James "you're outta your head" ala the Stones album name I'd put the Stones and Lennon/McCartney way above Neil Diamond, Jeff Lynne and Elton John - the reason - they all wrote within their certain box - never quite expanding beyond their hit formulas; at least not in the early days, whereas the Stones and The Beatles ventured forward out of their "box" - doing pretty much ground-breaking lyrics and new ideas into the formula of writing and music. Just my little old opinion.. Sorry Marv for the lack of punctuation lol.
  20. My sentiments exactly Marv! Raspberries FIRST!
  21. Jay - hope to see you at another show soon - but just jump up on the table for your birthday!!! Have a great one!
  22. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the subject..... even if all you guys are wrong ahahahhahha....... :p
  23. Nah Ernie I think you are tuning it just fine - you have technology to help with that - I think Wally's just a perfectionist about his instrument (he must hear things we don't hear OMG)....
  24. Tim as long as your having that fantasy - can we get a healthy Mike McBride there and have Cyrus Erie - and hell I want to see the Choir too!!! :p
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