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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately I have not learned to play slap yet, and I do believe I hear a bit in this song, so it will have to wait lol. I will have to upload some new tunes I can play but with all this new Copyright Internet policing going on it may never make You Tube lol.
  2. at Publix Supermarket about 20 minutes ago lol in the Express Checkout Lane. Let me give you a description: Brown Hair, the "Mr. Magoo" glasses he wears sometimes, jeans, dark shirt, tanned, about 5'8". I tried to listen to the voice but he was too far away for me to distinguish. Never thought I'd see an Eric double in Bradenton lol.
  3. So I went to see Mike Love's Beach Boys this past Sunday and had 3rd row orchestra seats. I had deep reservations because 1) I am not a great fan of Mike Love since he pretty much stopped more dates for the full original band last year; 2) Only Mike and Bruce were going to be there. I was however looking forward to seeing John Cowsill play the drums. I actually was totally floored on how great the show was. Mike Love's voice was stronger than any video/dvd I've seen of him singing over the past year. We were sitting right in front of Bruce but had a great view of everyone on stage. Mike's son Christian was a good singer as well and the bass player was doing most of the high Brian parts. John sang Darlin, Help Me Rhonda (where he forgot his intro and ending up throwing his stick up into space) and Wouldn't it Be Nice. Well you know how I feel about that song lol - I went into lala land. They ended with my father's fav BB song Fun Fun Fun. I honestly can say if they played again I would probably go - but would want front row seats lol. Now on the other front - The Cowsills front - I just read that finally the documentary Family Band: The Story of the Cowsills will be airing on Showtime starting 3/6 on Showtime 2 at 8:00 pm and Friday March 8 (my birthday ahaha) n Showtime Showcase at 7:30 pm. They are airing it I believe 13 times in March. I am looking forward to watching the documentary - I've seen some clips of it on You Tube and it looks very good.
  4. Belated birthday greetings John O - hope you had a great one!
  6. I am pretty jealous - what a great Xmas gift to jam with Wally! Looks like you all had a great time!
  7. All time fav name - The Boo Radleys lol - next The Cramps
  8. Thanks for sharing them Brian! They are great! I like Jim's Bass Drum logo for the Choir!
  9. Ok - Normally I never post but let me just tell you what happened this afternoon in our neighborhood. It's a nice day - about 80 out with a slight breeze - I thought to myself - hmmm - I think I'll take out the new John Taylor autobiography and read it in the front yard and enjoy the day. (Yes I know - John Taylor??? Duran Duran??? Oh MJ what are you thinking... I am thinking he was really HOT in the 80's and I know he had a lot of dedpendency issues so I figured it would be a good read)... anyway, moving along, I put the chair out in the driveway with my back to the road so I'm facing the sun - I spy 2 young people walking down our street. Hmmm I wonder what they are doing... suddenly I hear someone say Miss Fisher? I turn and look and see the 2 young people standing there - I realize they are coming to harrass me about voting - I don't respond to Miss Fisher - then I blatantly lie and say I'm not her and then further tell them I am not registered to vote. They go on their way - meanwhile I hear another voice coming from the condos around the bend from my house and hear this woman talking about voting. I'm still watching the 2 going down the street door to door. Suddenly I hear the woman asking the guy who is just moving out junk from a rental house next door about voting - he's saying - No he's not so and so.... suddenly I spy the 2 teenagers across the street from my house and they are harrassing a 17 year old about voting.... the older woman starts towards my house - I say "Don't even bother" to her - she gets all sweet and light and says "well have a nice day, I was just reminding you to vote" I again say I am not registered. She walks to the next door neighbor's house and then I spy another 2 people meeting up with her. So much for my peace and quiet and enjoying reading a book. I go inside and tell my mother about all these people going door to door ONE AFTER THE OTHER within 5 minutes of eachother when THE DOORBELL RINGS again!!! My mother tells me "I don't want you to get the door because you will get nasty with them" so instead she goes and opens the garage door and I hear her yelling "THIS IS ABSOLUTE HARRASSMENT!!!! I HAVE ALREADY VOTED BY ABSTENTEE BALLOT AND YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL HARRASSING US - THERE IS NO SOLICITING IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! LMFAO - now what's really funny is it was both parties following eachother around - I'm sure someone called the cops on them all because within 15 minutes our entire block got called on 3 freaking times by all parties!!! I can't wait until this election is over! Oh and by the way.... don't forget to vote! BAH HUMBUG!
  10. MJ

    Oh Sandy!

    I just talked to Diane on the phone to be sure she was ok since the storm. My brother in NYC and my friends in NJ still don't have any power and there are a few relatives no one can seem to get a hold of how lived down the shore so I hope they are ok. It's gonna be a long hard haul for all of those who have suffered but let's hope they will be able to rebuild and get back to "somewhat normal" very soon! Hope everyone else is ok out there.
  11. MJ


    Got 2 ORCHESTRA seats to see the Beach Boys at Van Wezel in Sarasota in February!!! We're in the 3rd row by god! Too bad Brian won't be there but he wasn't doing a lot from what I could see on all of the you tube's from the worldwide concerts. I'm so excited - I can't WAIT to hear WOULDN'T IT BE NICE live OMG - Now to keep these guys alive for the show ......
  12. Ahhhh yes Wallace .... guitarist extraordinare Happy Birthday.
  13. Happy Birthday Giro - have a wonderful day! Rock on with the big boys!
  14. MJ


    As Jagger would say "what a drag it is gettin old"
  15. This makes me very sad I loved his voice and the songs.
  16. Ok just got back from Dark Shadows - there were 10 people in the theater lol. First of all I'd like to say that Danny Elfman did a great score for it - very Bob Cobert-ish especially since he used the "mood music" in the beginning before the credits and it WAS part of the original Dark Shadows television score. I liked Helena's take on Julia Hoffman although she was more doing a take on Grayson Hall more than anyone else. Johnny did a very courtly Barnabus and in his own way added some humor for those of us who got it. Knowing that it was going to be a different storyline was a plus that way you didn't get disappointed. The thing that they did get right was the whole love-hate Barnabus - Angelique thing - I think they did it just as brilliantly than the original cast members did - but allowing for the censors back in 1966 - they couldn't give it their all lol. If you were a true DS fan you should pay homage to Tim Burton for the waves crashing scenes - I think 2 times I almost thought he found the identical place and footage that the original show had on it - did anyone else notice that? Finally I enjoyed the GATW at the end - but when I got in the car - I cranked up my CD from the Germany show they did in 1973 and blasted GATW driving home - nothing like the original to put a smile on your face.... oh and by the way.... did I tell you I am working on playing GATW on my bass? I think most people would enjoy this on dvd with the extras thrown in - and it was worth seeing the 5 seconds of seeing Jonathan Frid, David Selby, Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott coming in the door!!!!
  17. MJ

    G..Me & The B'Boys..

    The BB were also on QVC promoting their new album - although Mike's voice sounds a little weak at times - Catch a Wave, Surfin Safari, God Only Knows, and my personal fav Wouldn't It Be Nice sounded incredible..... it's a long vid - 58 minutes but you can skip past the chat about selling and give a listen ..... Beach Boys on Qvc
  18. MJ


    I think it would be a great idea for Wally to play with Free - there would be a lot of gigs I assume - at least a few in the US - I'd like to see it!
  19. The original actor of Dark Shadows, Jonathan Frid died of natural causes at 87. I am so glad he was able to travel to England to make his last cameo appearance in the new DS film. To all those who ran home every day to watch the man and the show - let's all bare our fangs for him Rest in peace Jonathan. I must put this on - as a tribute...... I'll Be With You Always
  20. I am somewhat torn - I like Depp a lot but I am a die hard old DS fan. I know 6 of the original cast are doing cameos in the movie - so that in itself should make me want to watch it. Once my aunt started taping old DS back in the 1980's for me (before they came out on vhs and dvd) I started wondering things that I never thought about as a kid - like for instance... Barnabus always made Willie and/or Julia drag his coffin from the masoleum to the Old House and back and forth - and when they buried Barnabus and Quentin in some of the episodes - how did they ever get the coffins down in there and then bring them back up when they decided they were indeed alive? LOL. I didn't see a crane there to hoist them up. But that was part of the fun of watching it in later years. I may watch the new one when it comes on DVD but I won't go to a theatre to see it. Let's not forget the teenagers now have an attention span of a fruit fly thanks to technology so they have to be zapped continiously with scenes and something new or they'll just get on their Iphones and play with something else! Personally there is nothing like the original for me.
  21. Thanks everyone for the wishes
  22. To the man who I had pinned up on my wall for at least 2 years and who constantly rode in the back seat of our car when we went out to the stores (yes he was the fantasy man who I dated at age 6 lol) and to his family and friends - he will be missed greatly by all who loved him. I am so thankful I got to see them play last May and that I got to hear him sing Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow ..... Bernie you KNOW that song will get to me every time.... RIP Davy....
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