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  1. OK, I admit it... I totally forgot my user name here, so I hadn't come back in a while, and then I decided to try my name... HAHAHA. It worked. And it was David WILD, not David FRICKE who tweeted that about the album being the album of the year (1968) ... and he LOVES it. I promise. We spoke on the phone the other day and he was RAVING. Long time no see, EC-people. Hope you're all well, and will spring for this new album when it comes out on Valentines Day MN
  2. my second favorite male vocalist is Barenaked Ladies former front man, Steven Page. my favorite is Burton Cummings.
  3. we had Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne and George's son Dhani on hand for the festivities. A LOT of very creepy old people were lingering around every corner. It was weird
  4. Greatest Hits repackages aside, I'll go with the whole SURFS UP, SUNFLOWER era...
  5. http://www.davidfary.com/the_black_beatles.htm always a favorite
  6. "We May Never Pass This Way Again" is Seals and Crofts, which was JIM Seals, not Dan...
  7. ah, no wonder i sit at my desk every day NOT hearing that "popping sound."
  8. Tommy joined me (and a few friends) at Sparks at UCLA on Saturday night, where they performed their new album (Exotic Creatures Of The Deep) and a classic album (Kimono My House) as well as about a half-dozen other songs from their past. Great show. And, it was a kick to see him (TK) so excited listening to the old stuff. I had a blast. I was at Bearsville for the first two albums (in fact, they were Halfnelson the first time we released the first album...) and so for me it was a homecoming, as I got a chance to say hi to them for the first time in about 35 years.
  9. back in the day, they didn't do research records would have lasted longer then too... chart methodology is different now as well. in those days, top 40 radio played "oldies" too... now they are called "recurrents." It's different now, but it would have been the same then.
  10. anyone know a Sweet song called "It's Lonely Out There" --- One of those odd records I heard on "Rate-A-Record" on Bandstand that I never remembered who the artist was, and then once the internet happened, I googled it and found out it was The Sweet, but it's pretty obscure, and not on Bell (was on 20th Century here in the states.)
  11. I liked the Jewish tribute band Matzoh Hoople. (rimshot) But seriously folks, they had a whole slew of albums no one paid much attention to on Atlantic prior to them moving to Columbia and hitting hard with All The Young Dudes, and then Mott... I remember the double bill of MTH and Lou Reed at the Felt Forum... AMAZING show.
  12. yeah, it's not like some people we all know and love haven't been publicly embarrassed recently...
  13. "Maggie" by REDBONE did reasonably well. I remember them doing it on television (Bandstand?) and it was the predecessor to Witch Queen. I also fell for "Wovoka," "Suzi Girl," "One More Time," and "We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee." -- all 45s on Epic.
  14. (I'm rather good at hockey trivia myself,) and loved when the Flames had both Pat Ribble and GORD WAPPEL... Only a few games, but it was fun to see Ribble and Wappel on the blueline.
  15. not available yet for the BlackBerry STORM...
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