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  1. Tony..There doesn't seem to be any real upgrade in sound. There is no mention of any re-mastering.
  2. The packaging is great on all 4 discs. Its nice to have them in their original look. MJ is right about the mini-poster for "Starting Over"..its very cool! The music inside sounds great.
  3. I picked up their cd last week and it is VERY good. Its also very hard to find too! Its over at Amazon.
  4. Jay52


    Recently I read somewhere(can't remember where) that Pete and Roger are working on a "covers" album for release sometime this year. They seemed alot more energetic last night than what I have seen lately. I'm going for sure.
  5. Pretty funny! It reminded me of the old Dating Game shows.
  6. Ira..I do agree about the promo pics being used to promote the band. The funny thing is the pics recently used are at least 5 years old and several members are gone. Two years after Carl passed away, pics from the early 90's were being used. When Al stepped away from the band following Carl's death, his band which included Carnie and Wendy Wilson were advertised as "The Beach Boys". Talk about confusion and legalities! I've seen several of Brian's shows and the Wondermints are wonderful. Still though, with all my love and respect for Brian, its difficult at times. I would rather hear Mike sing "California Girls" than Brian these days. Still though, Brian or his wife or his management team or his band do come up with some nice selections. Brian has no choice though, his setlist is becoming a traveling jukebox too. They are all milking the cash-cow now, and thats okay. They all have the right to work and earn their living, and the fans will continue to support all three bands. Steve...Disney Girls was quite good and Bruce has also sang lead on Please Let Me Wonder over the years. They are all doing the best they can I guess, but it does prove that the original band will always be the stronger element. We are all so passionate about our love for our favorite music...most typical fans just wanna hear the hits. Billy...the stadium show really surprises me, is it maybe tied in with something else? Mike and Bruce played a free show I believe over the 4th and drew around 50,000.
  7. They are truely still America's band, the music speaks for itself. I am sure that most fans at the show didn't really care who was up on the stage singing and playing their favorite songs. The songs were played well enough to take them back to a time in their lives when they need it most. There is something magical seeing children dance and sing along to songs their grandparents and parents grew up with. Long live their music.
  8. I know there are still many Beach Boys purists out there, especially here. Lets face it. Brian is out. Al is out. Dennis and Carl are not coming back anytime soon and that leaves us with whats really important. The music. Tonights show was sold out. The band packed the pavillion at Ravinia and the lawn was at capacity. We have all heard these songs a million times and I have seen many sub-par shows over the years, so I wasn't expecting much. Tonight was different. The band sang and played better than previous shows and Mike sounded more like himself. After the last few shows I had seen, I was convinced that Mike was winding down due to age and his less than stellar vocals. Mike is Mike...say what you want about the man, he kept the guys on the road when times were rough and I admire and respect him for never giving up. Bruce Johnston sang Disney Girls, God Only Knows, Do You Wanna Dance and sang harmony throughout. John Cowsill(thats right, Cowsill...bless the guy) sang a nice version of Darlin and played drums throughout the show. John Stamos "Uncle Jessie" (fan and friend for many years) appeared, played drumms and guitar and the audience loved him. The crowd were on their feet for almost the entire show(2 hours plus) and a few new songs have found their way into the setlist. Ballad Of Ole' Betsy was tonight's surprise along with a GREAT version of Summertime Blues that worked very well Beach Boys style. Their surfin hits got the most response while Good Vibrations received a modest applause at best. Go Figure! The band that Mike is using these days are competent players and do their job well. I miss the original Beach Boys very much. Still though, the songs have always been the real stars of the show. Looking at the faces of the fans and realizing none of us are getting any younger, its okay. I hope Mike and Bruce and company continue for many years to come. Those songs will live forever and honestly, I don't mind at all that Mike has turned the group into a Beach Boys tribute band. The place sold out. The crowd loved them. It was great to feel good again.
  9. "Before And After"...absolutely, mine too.
  10. Kind of like a family business gone bad, which is exactly what they turned into sadly. I'll always love them though. I'll be seeing Mike and Bruce next week. (gulp)
  11. LA could have been great. The 1st side was wonderful and up to their standards though Brian didn't participate much. Side 2 was such a mess though "Baby Blue" I love.
  12. Their version of "California Dreamin" I believe did okay for them, though I'm not sure of the chart action. They did a pretty good video of the song. Its on YouTube.
  13. I remember Steve's post of the tracking session for "In The Back Of My Mind"... Ahhhhh, Brian.
  14. Mine too. Brian's vocal is so relaxed and the guys are brilliant behind him. The "Today" album may just be their best. God, I love them.
  15. Giving just one is near impossible but for now ....gotta go with Ferry Across The Mersey.
  16. Happy Birthday Chris! Have many more happy and healthy ones too!
  17. True. Its like The Beatles British ep's and singles box sets. Will we ever listen to them that often? I do like the mono mixes though. By the way, not every Beach Boys single came in a picture sleeve and that was half the fun back then. There is a virtual tour of the Beach Boys box set over at TheBeachBoys.com. You can listen to selected tracks and look through the book.
  18. Giro... Happy Birthday to a great guy and a great friend. Its a pleasure to know you. All my best to you and have many more happy and healthy b-days to come! Enjoy your day!
  19. Music has literally saved my life on several occasions. I don't know where I would be today without it. Kathy...our acupuncturist speaks the truth! Since I was young, I felt it physically. Chills. I hear a song and it flows through me. Its an incredible feeling. Then I'm moved to tears. I could never live life without music. Its always been my best friend.
  20. I never heard his version but one thing is for sure..that song has taken on a life of its very own. Amazing.
  21. From what I remember, Brian had nothing to do with the track. I think they also recorded a Brian tune, "Go Away Boy" for the album. Speaking of The Honeys though, I really liked "American Spring" and their album of the same name. Brian produced it along with David Sandler in the early 70's. Sweet Mountain.
  22. I was worried in a nervous kind of way. I was seriously missing it. Back to normal programming...thank goodness. Whew.
  23. Al.. THANK YOU so much for posting those excerpts! That was such a great night for all of us that were able to be there and I will forever be grateful. Thanks again for the look back!
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