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  2. I believe the first step toward any recovery is the acceptance of the problem and issue. The next step is asking for help. Eric, find the courage and tap into your inner strength to move forward in your life. Your family, friends and fans love you and only want the best for you. Make it happen and please remember, we are all with you, every step of the way.
  3. Steve..Have a happy and a healthy birthday! Many more!
  4. As most Brian/Beach Boys fans have known for so many years now, the waiting was always torture. After just one listen to Brian's new album, the waiting is finally over... this is it. Brian has hit a grand slam way out of the ballpark. From start to finish, this is a complete piece of some of the most breath-taking music Brian has done in more years than I would like to remember. The melodies, his band, the performance and Brian's voice all fit perfectly into a story and salute to California. This succeeds on every level. The spoken narratives which weave one song into the next are priceless and the "incidental" music that plays along sound like hidden treasures. Brian covers all the bases here and his songs are presented in sunlight, harmony, love and humor. There is so much going on deep within the tracks. Brian's production and arrangements are first rate and his band's talent for bringing his ideas to sound make this a Brian Wilson masterpiece. Earlier demo versions which mainly featured Brian on all lead and backing vocals are inferior compared to this. Brian has used his band, and each member including Taylor Mills are voiced into Brian's most expressive and aggressive work since the good old days. The YouTube clips floating around out there do not represent the beauty of the tracks. This is a complete movement of music and is a worthy successor to Brian's "Smile" album from a few years ago. By the way, Van Dyke Parks also contributes much along the way. The packaging is gorgeous and colorful. As a life-long fan, I am so happy for him. He really did it this time. I love you Brian. Produced and Arranged by Brian Wilson. Engineered by Mark Linett.
  5. "Sing" is one of the highlights of the new disc and thank you, I'll be watching for sure.
  6. ...sounds as good as anything he has ever done. It got me on the first listen. Glen sounds great and the bonus...? I picked it up at Wallmart for 10 bucks and as a "Wallmart exclusive", Capitol added five 2008 remixes of the hits we all know, love and cherish. Fantastic.
  7. Darlene...A happy and healthy birthday to you! Have many many more!
  8. Some sessions recorded during the mid 70's in an effort to update Brian and the Beach Boys sound with new lyrics. Bruce Johnston and the rest of the L.A. session core of players tried with very little success. I have a few of their 45's. The Beach Boys were enjoying their "Endless Summer" comeback so anything was possible.
  9. I like when he's asked.."What did Dave Play"? Played with The Berries in 72 with The Turtles? Not very funny stuff.
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    Cheer me up

    Julie..Diane's first paragraph in her post is the most important. Please remember those thoughts. Keep tapping into your inner strength and know that things will get better. There is no doubt. http://thegoodnessoflife.com
  11. "Memories Are Made Of This"- Dean Martin My G/F, Marci- Walk Like A Man- Four Seasons Thanks Julie! I sent the link to my daughters who share-- Ebony And Ivory- Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder and "Didn't We Almost Have It All"- Whitney Houston
  12. That's what is going to help keep us all eternally young.
  13. Gordon's had a rough time of it over the years, still though its great to see them back doing shows. Chad And Jeremy are out there too and sound and look great.
  14. Jay52

    Well Now

    Besides the look back, the updated version may just become the hottest game this holiday season.
  15. That is a very nice debut. The title "What Is Victoria's Secret?" is brilliant and sure to get attention. Good for him!
  16. That is a great version Ira, but I must stick with Ray Charles. Ray really made that song his own. "Jezebel"....now THAT is GREAT.
  17. Click over to Amazon.com and type in Brian Wilson to hear and see previews from his new album "That Lucky Old Sun" thats going to be released in a couple of weeks. The two disc bonus set comes with a DVD that looks to be quite nice.
  18. http://www.comcast.net/music/greatestalbumcoversofalltime/slideshow/view/1/ and the #1 spot goes to...
  19. Gene, the banner you are refering to is another classic Avedon shot. Intersting to know that as Capitol/Apple was preparing the Love Songs compilation, the photo was retouched and Paul was brought more up-front. As for the Raspberries, how classic would something like that be? Four serious Raspberries, no smiles,no teeth and in beautiful pristine black and white.
  20. Eric..Have a happy and a healthy birthday and many more to come! Enjoy your day!
  21. They were on my bedroom wall back in 67 and a new set of prints found at Beatlefest are making their 2008 appearance at home. http://www.beatles-popart.com Anyone remember these beauties?
  22. I know that Rob has been having some health issues for a while now. He may not be able to stand and play bass during their shows anymore. Does that mean there was not one original member on stage Matt?
  23. Yes! I heard "Thank You Girl" this morning too and it is very very good. I'm really looking forward to their disc and to the fest next weekend.
  24. ...and I have learned in my life not to wait "till my ship comes in"..it never happens. You want change in your life? Make the change and make it happen yourself.
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