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  1. Hi Gina and happy birthday! Have many more happy and healthy ones too! Marci sends her best!
  2. Jay52


    John..you are absolutely right! He is very frightening. I checked out a couple more posts and I think the novelty and his 15 minutes should be up soon. Kinda creepy.
  3. Jay52


    "I got so many things to yell, my heads about to explode"... Thanks for the post Steve! Check for more of the little guy in related posts. Sheeeeesh!
  4. Marv..Have a happy and a healthy birthday! All my best to you!
  5. By the way, if in the Detroit area, take the time to visit MOTOWN. I did several years ago and it was worth every second. You can follow a small tour or just maybe they will let you do it alone. Walking through the "house" is one thing but taking a few steps down into "the pit" and finding everything in place just like the pictures we have seen was overwhelming. The management left me alone and I just sat on the steps leading into the studio. Then I touched the walls....
  6. A couple of years ago on a televised public television special, Levi was acknowleged by his group, if I remember right, as "The Captain". He was the MAN. Another tragic loss for THE MOTOWN SOUND. God bless him.
  7. One of the highlights of my life. I'll never forget it.
  8. The future Carol Kaye of our generation! Good luck and congratulations!
  9. You know its really funny when you go back and keep re-reading it! The highlight of the evening for sure.
  10. Well Ira, the mystery woman appears to be the always beautiful Barbra McNair.... The 2nd... "I'm thinking"....nope, no idea.
  11. Ira, I loved all your resolutions but #3 is classic! I so loved that one. All my best for a happy and healthy New Year.
  12. Thats a great rock and roll image. The "front line" says it all. Thanks Bernie.
  13. "Mothers are like that, ya they are"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRRq-dLWGtU
  14. Thanks Diane! You know, I think my Dad had as much fun with that as I did. On another note, one of my favorite childhood memories is having a really bad cold, running a fever and eating saltine crackers out of the box with my Uncle as we watched "The Wizard Of Oz" together. Wearing my favorite one piece zipper up the front foot-sie pajamas. My parents were out for the evening and we had the best time!
  15. Diver Dan and that beatnik fish...every morning viewing here. Mr. Machine...WOW! Had it, played it, lost it, forgot it. This is one incredible thread!
  16. Ira...Fortress Of Solitude? Did you know, there is a band called "The Bottle City Of Kandor"...?
  17. Not surprising. Best Buy and Wal-mart scare me. http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-general/20080922/TEC.Music.on.Memory.Cards/
  18. Speaking of Good Humor trucks, we were blessed to have the same man everyday... I loved (I hope I remember this right) the "Wah-oooo bar". Five cents. Five cents for fruit flavored heaven on a stick. I was always amazed how he could reach into the truck without even looking and always find the right box. The Chocolate Eclair will always be my all-time favorite.
  19. http://www.comcast.net/music/bestsellingalbums/slideshow/view/1/
  20. Darlene...those chocolate stars were the greatest! I could never get enough of them!
  21. Ira..you sooooo touched a nerve here.. Coming home from school for lunch and watching WGN TV's Bozo The Clown show...spending afternoons with Clutch Cargo, Space Angel, The Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Garfield Goose... Dinner and more tv with my parents... The train whistle and Petticoat Junction, watching Red Skelton with my grandmother, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Batman, Lost In Space.. Sunday night tv at its finest(especially if I knew I was sick and staying home on Monday)..Lassie, My Favorite Martian, Ed Sullivan, Perry Mason, What's My Line and CANDID CAMERA with the crazy car that split in two... The feeling of clutching "Meet The Beatles" under my arm and walking home in the dirty, slushy winter snow of 1966 I will never forget, and the joy of watching A Hard Days Night for the very first time in my bedroom on late night tv. The thrill of listening to WLS and WCFL radio and waiting for my favorite songs to come on, the excitement of hearing Hey Jude for the first time and going nuts over Pictures Of Matchstick Men and so many others... Ridng my bike with my friends to places that seemed they were in another galaxy, yet only a few miles from home. Having my entire family and my parents friends around..my Aunt and Rabbi Uncle who was probably the smartest man I have ever known.... Hots Dogs, corned beef, chicken soup, kishke(sp?) ice cream from Carvel, Brachs Choclate Stars and my little black truck.... IRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think of those days alot....
  22. Hey MJ... Nice catch on the video. The song has found new meaning I hope, just like life itself.
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