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    My point is, denial is a powerful way to cope... [/QB]
  2. I read the news yesterday. Bettie was an original and no doubt one of the most beautiful of the "pin-ups" of her day.
  3. Jay52

    Game Shows

    As a kid myself, it was the original Sunday night CBS TV version of "Whats My Line" with John Daly. That's going way back. It shared an hour with "Candid Camera".
  4. Sad but not surprising. This guy has been watched, wiretapped and investigated for state corruption for some time now. The prosecution has built a very nice case. Point C in Blackhawkpat's listing says it all. He kept testing the law and power almost begging to be caught.
  5. I'm with Kathy on this one..it took about 10 seconds to top off at the high stress level. Also though, I took the test after finding one of my accounts gave me a nsf check. I've known this customer for about 15 years. The spiral is continuing and I don't feel so good. Ummmm..thank you Phil.
  6. Daisy, when that song came out, I took a liking to it because it reminded me of The Everly Brothers. It was nice to hear real vocals again. Its far from being the worst song in musical history. Seriously, why would you even think that? It received a ton of airplay across the country and people loved it. "Nowheresville"? Come on--get hip!
  7. Jay52

    Damian Miller

    "What In The Wide World Of Sports is goin on" just killed me. I mean..it killed me. I needed that!
  8. One of my favorite memories was attending one of my sisters Christmas school assembly programs. My Mom and I sat in the center of this beautiful school auditorium...I was probably about 6 years old and all the students walked down the darkened aisles holding flashlites with colored cellopahne ( sp, I'm sure) pointed toward the ceiling. The colors were beautiful, and the songs were gorgeous to my very young Jewish ears. I'll never forget that day. My family and I lived in a 3 flat Chicago apt building and we lived on the 3rd floor for many many years. As a child, I loved sitting on the radiator by the windows covered in frost and staring at the beautiful Christmas lights decorating all the other apt windows across and down below. These days, my Mom is fading quickly in a nursing home and my Dad passed away over 20 years ago. Sometimes, I wish I could just close my eyes for a moment and open them up in 1962 just one more time.
  9. Phil..Have a happy and healthy birthday! All my best!
  10. You too Eric! Have a wonderful day!
  11. Thanks Ira! I love the song and this version of the group sound okay, but I still crave those original voices singing together. Nothing better than a love song though...and its a COLD Saturday night here.
  12. Barbara..If I may ask, was your Shea Stadium show in 65 or 66? I would love to read your memories!
  13. Ira...I think you are gonna get more responses than you think. There are lots of us (the hopeless romantic type) who LOVE this music. Lately, I've been listening alot to The Arbors and the Vogues late 60's material. Come to think of it, one doesn't really have to be a "hopeless romantic", just a lover of fine vocal harmony. Nice one!
  14. Barb..Have a wonderful happy and healthy birthday! All my best to you!
  15. Here's another story and a bit more of detail. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/nov/16/paul-mccartney-carnival-of-light
  16. http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Music/11/16/beatles.mccartney.lost.track/index.html
  17. Diane..Have a wonderful happy and healthy birthday! All my best to you on your special day!
  18. Greatest singer of the rock era. http://www.comcast.net/articles/entertainment/20081111/ENTERTAINMENT-US-SINGERS/
  19. What mystery.....? http://www.comcast.net/articles/music/20081111/ENTERTAINMENT-US-BEATLES-RIGBY/
  20. John..Have a happy and healthy birthday! Many more too!
  21. I was thinking how hard it would be for me to select his best songs...I think the man is simply brilliant in everything he does. Two of my favorites though are "Tougher Than The Rest" and "One Step Up". Both songs paint such a vivid picture in my brain.
  22. Sure looks great with Raspberries in your face! Nice to see them again!
  23. That was broadcast live on tv throughout the country. "Live from The Queen Mary". Carl had already left for his brief solo career and Brian was stuck holding the bag. Brian had no business being up there, and I'm sure the band "forced" him to be there. I remember reading an interview with Carl where he admitted he felt very sorry for the guys after watching this performance. I felt very sorry for Brian but not the rest of the band. "Lady Lynda" is my favorite track off the "LA Album" and how I wish it could have been a hit. Great song.
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