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  1. I am so happy for the band! I wish them all the luck in the world. What a time its going to be! Absolutely fantastic!
  2. Jay52

    Bagel Run

    Sounds good, but on a cheddar cheese bagel? Never tried it on that. Last week, I ordered one from a "bagels to go" type place and to my horror...capers.
  3. The 3b's. Bozo Beach Boys The Beatles. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-obit-livingston-bdmar15,0,5378975.story Rest In Peace.
  4. I remember the first time I heard this song. Its my favorite too followed by "Eat At Home".
  5. MJ... A very happy and healthy birthday to without any doubt, the #1 Raspberries fan on this board. Looking forward to the next concert so I can finally see those shoes face to face. You're the best. Happy birthday!
  6. Jim Peterik is a huge Raspberries fan. That actually doesn't sound bad!
  7. Woody's personal life never interested me but really...the man is brilliant. Totally crazed and so creative. "Zelig" was a masterpiece. Speaking of Bruce, I can't wait for tomorrow.
  8. Just to add to Phil's post... A new Buddy Holly rarities set has just been released. It's a 2 disc set called "Down The Line Rarities" that includes "The Apartment Tapes" in really stunning quality. Amazon is listing it along with sound clips of each song.
  9. Bruce and the band talk more than just football and the Superbowl... http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80e6ec42
  10. Phil mentioned it last week and here it is. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99173117
  11. http://objflicks.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm Once Upon A Time....
  12. Jay52

    24 Tonight!

  13. Giro..Granted the song is 42 years old but still...consider the times at its release and where they were at the time. I never thought of it as fake. Maybe it hasn't aged well compared to others, but it still is an important piece in their history. You think?
  14. One of the greatest interpreters of popular music and a style all his own. I miss him much.
  15. Since my ex and daughter have moved, I am in the process of dumping money into it and praying for a miracle. A nice 3 bedroom townhouse that I will be forced to price to sell, just to get rid of it. I am continuing to make the mortgage payment though its empty. There are 4 homes for sale on my block alone and I am quite concerned...and worried. Its very bad in this area now.
  16. Marvin..thanks for posting that. Dennis Wilson on any list that's positive is a wonderful thing.
  17. I think that many have indeed stood the test of time but the listing in general is ridiculous.
  18. Bernie.. Thank you for everything you have done for Eric and the band and everyone who visits and posts here. Thank you for keeping us company with this outstanding website! Merry Christmas to you and a happy and a healthy New Year!
  19. The Volcano Taco...why, why, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!? http://walletpop.com/specials/departures-2008
  20. We are expecting approx 10 inches. The countdown begins in about 2 hours.
  21. Back in the late 70's I believe, Capitol Records put out a best of called "Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen" (Some title!) Same deal on side 1...those four songs kicked it off and knocked you over. The mix was loud and electric. Probably my favorite Raspberries best'of over the years....GREAT liner notes too! It was almost like Capitol was trying to say.."We are sorry, we did everything we could". Right.
  22. Jay52


    No secret about therapy. Finding the right therapist is the hard part though. The unfortunate part is when one believes he/she has reached their desired conclusion, most therapists don't want to let go and look for other "problems" to talk about. It took me a long time to figure that out. The greatest healer for the soul, heart and emotion for me was my love for music. The music never let me down.
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