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  1. Not seeing The Mojo Men listed in the top 100 isn't too surprising. They were quite obscure at best but there is a cd compilation availiable from Sundazed called "Sit down..Its The Mojo Men" The band featured singer and drummer Jan Errico(female)who originally came from The Vejtables "I Still Love you", another local favorite at the time. And.....no Quicksilver Messenger Service!?
  2. Here's a couple more.. Moby Grape The Mojo Men..I love their version of "Sit Down I Think I love You"
  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the touching welcomes here! I love being a part of the extended family! All my best to everyone! jay
  4. We are all in good company! I love being a fan of the band that I believe put on the best concert I have ever seen...and that was at the Chicago House Of Blues show. I have NEVER ever felt that level of energy. The place was so electric, it was absolutely unreal. The room erupted after every single song. I can't stop thinking about it. I've loved them since the first 45 and I am so happy for them!! jay
  5. Terry "Foolin Myself"... Enjoy the discs! You got it! jay
  6. By the way..its free! A gift! I just wanted to spread some of this incredible joy!
  7. Hi everyone.. Today I found a copy of the deluxe set near Chicago. I spoke to the manager and he told me he received 10 copies of the deluxe set and I seem to have purchased the last one. Pretty amazing since I found it "hid" in the Rascals bin. I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple on Monday so... Since it has been difficult pretty much across the country it seems, I would like to send this one to someone in need. Its such a great set and I just wanted to share some joy with someone who wasn't lucky enough to find one. I just have one copy, its sealed, its beautiful,it rocks,its great! E-mail me and of course the first one who responds gets it. Thanks! jay
  8. Happy Birthday Eric! I wish for you a year filled with health and happiness. Thank you for your gift of song. All the very best to you on your very special day! jay
  9. Yes, 5.1 it is. Nice and full too.
  10. Stock is not good in Chicago. As mentioned in previous posts, both Best Buy and Circuit City do not have it currently and forget Wallmart and Target. Of the two independent places I called, both sold out early today. Borders in Schaumburg did NOT get ONE copy in from their local distributor though they show today as the street release date. The local distributor just didn't have any to sell. They said they had lots of calls and lots of complaints. The same can be said for all the Barnes and Noble stores. Not one of them received any, though they have it listed for special orders. The Best Buy I stopped at (worthless) saw it on their website but for "mail order" only. Best Buy can't be counted on for anything since they are in the process of down-sizing their cd inventory and they are one of the major players too. A wonderful industry.
  11. Thanks Chris! As for where I was lucky enough to find it...one of the last of its kind, a real independent owned music store. I got very lucky! Four copies and I grabbed two. I also moved the other two and placed them in the display section above. I didn't want them to get lost alongside Capitol's 05 Greatest Hits. Restocking Raspberries hasn't been this much fun since 1972. jay
  12. Hi everyone..first time post here. Though the countdown clock continues, I was very fortunate to pick up the deluxe set today in Chicago. Let me just say, its everything I had hoped for. I caught Raspberries live not only here in Chicago, but in New York also and this is the real deal. Its live, its exciting, it rocks. The sound is great and the five song bonus DVD will hold me over till the special edition comes. Get ready to go nuts! Turn it up! jay
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