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  1. http://blogs.denverpost.com/captured/2010/07/26/captured-america-in-color-from-1939-1943/ A collection of stunning color photos from the Depression Era and its effects...1939-1943. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more collections.
  2. MJ... Happy Happy Happy Birthday to one of the nicest and coolest members off this board that I am thankful to call my friend. Thank you for your friendship since we met and hung out in New York...you are truely one in a million! Now continue this day and make it last...keep them coming happy and healthy! All my best to you. Always. Happy Birthday!
  3. The Beatles in their early days from childhood to teens, to putting the band together and paying their dues. The site has been around for several years but this is the first time I have seen it. Its loaded with so many historical images, its gonna take lots of time to see and appreciate it all. You can click on a year or just start from the beginning. Don't forget to click on each pic for a larger view. Have fun! http://www.beatlesource.com/savage/main.html
  4. Diane! Happy Birthday to u... Happy Birthday tooooo u... Happy Birthday Dear Diane, Happy,Happy,Birthday toooooooooooooo YOU. All my best for many more Happy and Healthy ones to come! This is your day!
  5. "HIStory" is a very nice set. Disc #2 includes what could have been a new studio album. "Earth Song", "Stranger In Moscow" and "Childhood" are really all quite good. By the way, the re-mastered audio sounds great.
  6. Hey Ringo... Don't even think about it!
  7. Here you go Monkee/Micky fans! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160345653268 Is anyone surprised by this?
  8. Though not every issue is available to read, there is much to drool over. Original ads, charts, reviews, news and everything that made this trade mag so collectable. Read about our rock and roll history just as it happened. Example....July 72--- Raspberries enter the charts with "Go All The Way". The ads are priceless. From what I have browsed so far, every page of every listed date is there. Obviously the 60's and 70's issues are the prize here, though they go back to the early 50's. These are not re-prints, these are the real deal. Its free. Go nuts. This link better work! http://books.google.com/books?id=dSIEAAAAMBAJ&dq=billboard&client=fire
  9. Tony, I'm thinking of your Mom today, along with you and the rest of your family. Best wishes and positive thoughts for a good recovery.
  10. Terrific thread and its just begun.. 1.The Beach Boys-1976 at the old Chicago Stadium. A completely sold out show during their "Endless Summer/15 Big Ones" summer tour. That night, there was more love for the band than I've ever seen. 2.Elvis Presley-May 1977. Again at the Stadium, 8th row dead center and really overwhelming at times. 3.The Raspberries-Chicago reunion tour. The most exciting, electric, fans in a frenzy type show I've ever seen. The band was simply on fire and destroyed the place. Incredibly fun. 4.Paul McCartney- Soldiers Field Chicago 1989. Outdoors and spectacular. 5.Bruce Springsteen during the "Magic" Tour. It was special for me cause it was my 1st time seeing him, I'm embarrassed to admit.
  11. Kathy... Have a wonderful happy and healthy Birthday!! All my best to you...always. Now, go have some fun!
  12. Just for the record and according to the credits, Eric didn't write the song. Sorry guys for bringing up this old un-wanted memory. Still though, compared to some of the other stuff that was coming out at the time, I've heard worse. I was talking to a friend of mine and he asked me if I would have bought it if it was recorded by someone other than Eric...the answer of course was no. Any recording that had Eric's involvement found its way into my house. Sorry!
  13. Taken from the 1988 Summer Olympics album "One Moment In Time"... I can't believe its been twenty years already. I always liked this song, continues the "Hungry Eyes/Make Me Lose Control" period.
  14. Here comes summer! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/The-Beach-Boys-Provide-the-prnews-14857710.html
  15. All I know is that the improved sound is going to make the listening alot more enjoyable. Recently, I read a short preview/review of the "White Album" in Mojo Magazine and they raved...so I'm hoping for the best.
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