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  1. Yeah I'll second that emotion... they're really cool... however I have to warn that there is a prog/metal supergroup (excuse me I just vomited in my mouth... shudder.) with the exact same name... in a rush of enthusiasm after hearing a song the "BB" Explorer club did I rushed to Amazon and bought all the CD's ... without looking close enough... so caveat emptor people make sure you get the right one... unless you need more empty calorie dweedly dweedlies in your life.
  2. It's an indie release so it will be available through CDbaby.com and places like that... so in a roundabout sort of way.... yes!
  3. Hi all, I haven't been around for a bit because I've been working hard at finishing a pop album I've been working on... It has some Baroque Pop, California Pop, Power Pop, British Pop, Psych Pop, Synth Pop and Surreal Americana... Basically it's mostly focused on the songwriting styles of the 60's and 70's... with more modern production techniques... I've noticed a contingent here that likes that kind of thing so I hope you don't mind a little blatant self-promotion. I've just created a myspace page for it here: http://www.myspace.com/poparcheologytransmission
  4. Well if one has a taste for conspiracy theories this might be interesting, but with all the documentation available I think it's obvious that Yes, Ringo did play on the tracks he's credited with. It might be easier to believe if he couldn't come up with the goods on his solo or live outings. Bernard Purdie is a great drummer.... who has a reputation of stretching the truth. I'll stick with George Martin's view that Ringo was one of the best (no pun intended) drummers he'd ever recorded... That Ringo >rarely< messed up a take... I believe the figure Martin said was maybe 4 takes out of all the recordings had to be restarted for an error from Ringo.
  5. Oh man...... I just got this and I have been laughing my head off... You've heard this track a million times... but not like this. David Lee Roth's vocal for Runnin' With The Devil - isolated. Let's just say it loses some of the impact without the drums and guitars. I'm pretty sure that gawdammitbabyyouknowiaintlyintoyouimonlygonnatellyouonetiiiyyyiiiyyyiiiime (1:25) is the longest word ever in a rock song You can download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/91667516/Runnin__with_the_Devil.mp3.html
  6. Your parents probably said the same thing about the Stones... (OK, maybe not the husband remark....) We music fans are odd: We complain that there's no one that does music like it used to be then when someone does music like it used to be we complain that they're merely retro... They're "copying" When someone we like wins a Grammy we say "YES, at last they finally get great music" when someone we don't like wins we bring up reasons why it doesn't mean anything. Amy takes a ridiculous amount of stick... can't figure out why for the life of me. She has a great voice and is way better than most of the current pack. I sometimes wonder if music doesn't belong right up there with religion and politics for no-win conversation topics....
  7. Are you guys serious? I think she'll quit when she quits. This isn't exactly a first-time occurence in the music world.
  8. I THOUGHT that was Anton LeVey hiding near the plant.... Hey, does anyone know how to kill this beast? Foprget about the steely knives they aren't happening... but I've also tried the steely hand grenades and the steely num-chucks... nothing. Not even a dent.
  9. OK, I just got my second Glenn Campbell DVD.. Man, I love his playing and singing... but can I just say this? Neckerchiefs... lots and lots of neckerchiefs. And if you ever get to watch the "TimeLife" DVD.... well a few minutes in he is wearing the most hilarious.... uhhhh microphone stand. There is no other way to say it. He's wearing a neck brace with an adjustable tube metal microphone holder holding a fairly large mic. This must be before discreet tie-clip-on mikes. He is great but I'll be damned if he doesn't have more country Spinal Tap-ness per square inch than anyone else I can think of.
  10. Oh yeah I remember all this... Paul being the only one with a black carnation in the Hello Goodbye video... I have a strange suspicion that Paul will be the last Beatle standing and somebody with way too much tiome on their hands will start finding clues that invert the whole "Paul Is Dead" theories.... Probably the same guy that discovered the Pink Floyd / Wizard of Oz "coincidence"
  11. I checked only a little while after this was posted thinking there'd be some chatting... no one there... (sigh... wipes away tear) Allll byyyy myyyyseeelllfff doan wanna beeeeeee
  12. Bea Arthur's "Touch Me Down There" video while simultaneously being heartfelt, nauseating, pensive and mercilessly flatulent.... well, it has to be said that it changed the course of music video forever. Not for the better, or anything. The "King Bee Arthur pulling the sword from the stone part... well, that's just a little obvious. True, it's not necessarily Bea Arthur's fault, even if it was a vanity pressing of the record and she paid the director to do everything exactly as she said... OK, it was her fault. The thing is her children shouldn't have to put up with all those quotes from the video they are constantly barraged by.... that's all just leave the children alone...
  13. For a long time I dismissed Glen Campbell out of hand due to what I thought was the "Rhinestone Cowboy" era stuff, the corny variety show and all that... but recently having gotten into Jimmy Webb I've re-evaluated him and man did he ever have some great tracks... the Webb stuff, of course... but even the later stuff that I used to hate so much sounds good to these ears now, like Southern nights etc. I recently bought the DVD reissue of television performances and man there is some great guitar playing and singing going on there... (Admittedly there's also some cheese-whiz moments... Anyone seen the Glenn in a chair-crane flying over the audience scene? that is just too funny.)
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