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  1. Money Down, hands down. With You In My Life (it's like When I'm 64 but with trumpets and tuba instead of clarinets and bass clarinet!) Goin' Nowhere Tonight (but I do like the bridge)
  2. You really got me good with that one, LC! And I was checking back today for more details...
  3. I know of Steve Simels from a powerpop blog of his that I used to read occasionally. He has had his own band in the past... anyone ever heard of his music? Didn't think so. Practically no one has. Steve, if you could write even one song that is half as good as BATC, I might find your opinions worthy of consideration. But you can't.
  4. James, regarding America - don't you mean "you can do magic" instead of "could it be magic"? Other than that, totally agree with you.
  5. I don't know who made the meme, but I was so glad that they included Fresh with all these other great albums.
  6. I would rate those two covers from Winter Dreams as an "A". As for Caroline, No - I really, really like how Eric repeated the B section of the song (Oh Caroline, you break my heart, I want to go and cry...) instead of fading too soon like Brian did. Now it sounds more like a complete song, and the accompaniment and overall mood are perfect. LC, thanks for posting that live version of On Broadway! Regarding the two non-originals from the Geffen album - are those really covers, meaning were they first recorded by someone else? Or was EC the first to record them? I wish Eric would have covered Tin Soldier by Small Faces and put it on the too-short Tonight You're Mine album!
  7. Performance of Jessie's Girl from "The Song" that ran on the Circle network.
  8. That Thing You Do! is my favorite movie of all time! I pretty much lost interest in pop music after 1989, but I have heard some newer acts on "Little Steven's Underground Garage" on the satellite radio that I really like such as the Connection, Kurt Baker, the Dollyrots, and Soraia.
  9. OK, I'll bite... 1. Martha 2. Mary Ann 3. Pam 4. Chrissy 5. I know these two are from Gomer Pyle USMC, but I can't remember either one. 6. Don't know who these are. 7. Mrs. Partridge 8. Peg 9. Miss Jane Angelica Thrift (a/k/a Wrangler Jane) 10. Lori
  10. Agreed, but the guy says that Eric is in the R&R HOF.
  11. 5. Reason to Try 4. Haven't We Come a Long Way 3. End of the World 2. Sleep With Me 1. SPOTLIGHT
  12. Ran across this a few minutes ago:
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