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  1. So cool to see this article from the Indiana Evening Gazette, my old hometown newspaper! I missed this when it came out back then.
  2. Get the Japanese version if you can - it has IWHIFYL from the Geffen LP and the single edit of Foolin' Myself. It also has The Rock Stops Here, Almost Paradise, Long Live Rock and Roll, and the alternate mix of Brand New Year. It does not have the live version of Ecstasy. And the audio quality is even bettter.
  3. That video is incredible! Bernie, thanks so much!
  4. In my home town here in WV, there's a CVS across the road catty-cornered from the Walgreens. This Walgreens used to be a Rite-Aid, where I had an account. When it was merged into Walgreens, my account got merged into one from some guy in Arizona with the same first and last name AND birthdate. After two attempts of them trying to fix this for me (which took at least 45 minutes each time), I stopped dealing with them. I used to use a local independent store which of course went out of business. I've also noticed a Lowe's/Home Depot redundancy in some towns.
  5. I too have always loved your videos. Glad to see you back.
  6. Craig, I was just thinking of that solo while I was mowing the grass this evening! Let me submit this while we're on the subject - solo begins around 2:37.
  7. Money Down, hands down. With You In My Life (it's like When I'm 64 but with trumpets and tuba instead of clarinets and bass clarinet!) Goin' Nowhere Tonight (but I do like the bridge)
  8. You really got me good with that one, LC! And I was checking back today for more details...
  9. I know of Steve Simels from a powerpop blog of his that I used to read occasionally. He has had his own band in the past... anyone ever heard of his music? Didn't think so. Practically no one has. Steve, if you could write even one song that is half as good as BATC, I might find your opinions worthy of consideration. But you can't.
  10. James, regarding America - don't you mean "you can do magic" instead of "could it be magic"? Other than that, totally agree with you.
  11. I don't know who made the meme, but I was so glad that they included Fresh with all these other great albums.
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