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  1. Darlene, thanks for the kind words! I remember you too, of course. You're a very welcoming, thoughtful, and fun person. Yes, let's all support Dennis every way we can -- prayers, sending positive vibes, attending the show, and otherwise. It all will work together to help him.
  2. Bernie, The poster is beautiful! My apologies for posting in the wrong place on this message board -- wasn't sure where appropriate. I had a memory lapse, we did glimpse Dennis at the Super Mega Show, but didn't speak with him. We're looking forward to this event (going VIP) and also so glad to hear that you'll be there, too. Hope other Eric/Raspberries friends on this board can also make it. Met a lot of you at the NYC/NJ reunion shows. I used to be sallyg65 on this board before suffering online identity theft a couple years ago, so had to change a lot of things and have been keeping a low profile. All The Best, Joyce (& Tom)
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  4. You're welcome, Darlene. I was surprised to hear of this, too. In fact, he had been announced as one of the guests at the Super Megashow in NJ a couple of weeks ago, and we didn't see him there. He also is announced to be at the Rock Con convention in NJ this weekend... Hope they get a good turnout for the benefit concert. He's a very talented, great guy!
  5. Have a Heart for Dennis Concert Fundraiser NYC Grammy Award winner Dennis Ferrante, who has worked as an engineer for John Lennon, will be the focus of a benefit concert Aug. 4 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City to help get him a new heart. Performers, still being assembled, will include Denny Laine and Steve Holley of Wings, Lou Christie, La La Brooks of the Crystals, Will Lee of the Fab Faux, Rich Barone (Bongos), Ray Chew (Showtime at the Apollo), songwriter-producer Barry Eastmond, Michael Cartellone) Lynyrd Skynyrd) and additional special guests. The emcee will be Ken Dashow of Q104.3 Classic Rock. Ferrante has suffered multiple heart attacks some in his sleep and others while hospitalized. He is operating at 20% and is now classified as a 1-B heart transplant candidate. Ferrante has not been working and insurance only partially covers his medical and living expenses. Tickets are priced from $50-$250, with sponsorships from $2,500 to $10,000. They can be purchased through Eventbrite. Checks should be payable to to Play 4 Life, Inc. Tickets are tax deductible. The Highline Ballroom is located at 431 W 16th St, New York City
  6. The best writeup on Neil Aspinall is the obituary in the New York times. Allan Kozinn is the author; someone who really knows about the Beatles. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/24/arts/music/24cnd-aspinall.html?pagewanted=1&_r=3&ref=music All The Best, Joyce
  7. May Pang is on a book tour now. She'll be in Northeast NJ: Sunday, March 30, 4:00 PM Barnes & Noble 395 Rt. 3 East, Clifton, NJ We'll be there. Coincidentally, The Fest for Beatles Fans will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus this weekend, just 5 minutes from there on Route 3. There's going to be lots of carpooling and caravans Sunday afternoon between the two locations! LOL! All The Best, Joyce
  8. Sure wish they'd play B.B. King's in NYC again this summer. That would be sooo cool!
  9. What a lovely post! Thanks for the update! I met him at the end of that show -- he was sitting near me. Very nice guy, a little shy and humble. BTW -- It was B.B. King's in NYC, not HOB. All The Best, Joyce
  10. I alternate between walking and using my ski machine, which simulates cross country skiing. This type of machine is zero impact so it doesn't injure knees. I have a bad knee, so I know.. Hope this helps!
  11. The next news headline will probably be that Heather was one of Spitzer's hookers!!!
  12. Still waiting here in NJ for LE. Hopefully, we will receive it today...
  13. Happy Birthday, Eric! The first time we got to see you live was a few shows on Ringo's All Starr tour. And then the Raspberries Reunion shows at BB Kings and HOB!!!! Thanks for always being so very nice and gracious with your fans. We appreciate it so much and it means more to us than you will ever know. You are an extremely talented, kind, and patient man. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful, healthy, happy, successful year! Hope to see you perform again soon! All The Best, Joyce & Tom
  14. Got back from vacation and got the letter from the credit card company thanking me for cooperation in the fraudulent activity investigation and I am officially cleared! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I just had to share... This happened to me back in March on Amazon.com and I will NEVER use them again for ANY purchases! It really changed my life a lot, I'm not online as much anymore and had to change all my id's etc, even here. They even got into my hotmail account and I had to close that, too! But I've finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. All The Best, Joyce
  15. These downloads are outrageous! Al, you ROCK! Raspberries ROCK! Bernie & Kathy ROCK! Eric ROCKS!!! Countdown to receiving the special edition! "It won't be long, yeah, yeah!" All The Best, Joyce
  16. When my husband told me about this the other day, I said justice has been served! I'm also verrry sentimental about this oldies radio station because it was the place that I first heard, and posted here, about the Raspberries reuniting! That thread grew by exciting leaps and bounds! It was Eric's birthday, and they always would announce famous artists birthdays of the day, and then choose one of the birthday artists and play one of their songs. I forget which of Eric's or Raspberries songs they played, but THEN they said that the Rasberries were getting back together! All The Best, Joyce
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