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  1. We were all impressed early last year w/ them -- but the wheels fell off at the end.
  2. "Re: Song - Title Game by Raspyrock (14521) 09-09-2008 09:21" VS. "Re: Sarah Palin by JohnO (181) 09-09-2008 08:18" ... at what point will the "Sarah Palin" thread overtake the "Song - Title Game" thread?
  3. I must say I'm leaning towards McCain and I've not voted GOP for prez since Reagan. I've voted for prez in 3 diff. parties. I'm my own man. I hope McCain is the same. Obama's inexperience and past associations are a show-stopper. McCain isn't my 1st choice, not even close --- but no indy's are worthwhile. Let the cards fall where they may.
  4. We need both Puerto Rico & New Zealand to make a full deck of cards. -- So who are the jokers??
  5. OK LC ------ but I can wait until the PALIN daughters get a little older, right???
  6. AND BEYOND ------- REMEMBER 2000???!!?? And there is a viable scenario of a 269 to 269 electoral college deadlock!!! How exciting!!! Thrown into the the 'House of Reps' for a decision -- an outcome --- oh, wait they ain't good at that ---- no decision by Jan. 20th & I believe Cheney is sworn in on a tempy basis. Do the Russians know this?????
  7. ---- or if Gore would've picked Senator Graham of Florida, the copious note taker ---- same could be said.
  8. Glad you didn't explain WTF or UFB!!!
  9. If the play the next gigs in the warmer South, the next few years, they wouldn't have buy as much Ben Gay. --- One way to extend the career!!!
  10. I think the pick of Palin is a shrewd pick by McCain ( or Rick Davis or whatever). Only 7% men are undecided and 24% women. Plus, some social-conservatives may sit home for one reason or another ( pregnant teen daughter ) but McCain will more than make up for this by pulling ind. women and dis-illusioned Hillary supporters in swing states. The ones that may sit home are in states he will win anyway. Nice trade-off for McCain I'd say.
  11. I know you'll be watching every minute of it. Looking for togas and other Greek storylines!
  12. Happy Birthday Clayton!!! Tell ya what Clayton, I've got a better bribe than BEATNUT's. Convince your Dad to have an Atlanta concert next Summer and I will treat your whole family to Six Flags Over Georgia!!! Have a great day Clayton!
  13. Seems I remember some story about George Wallace having to go to court in one of his runs ( maybe 1968 ) in a Mid-West state in order to get on the ballot. His lawyer was essentially saying that the individual's rights trumped state's rights in this case. The judge gleefully asked him to re-state the position, noting some of Wallace's previous affections for state's rights having to do with segregation. Wallace was able to get on the ballot in this case. My view is --- the more the merrier, even w/ Cynthia M.
  14. This is all fine and well until a federal judge hears the lawsuit in court ---- and we know what the result will be. It won't be about protecting the parties rights -- it will end up being about protecting the citizens rights --- the state's inconvenience be damned.
  15. Happy Birthday Darlene ---- Have a delightful one!
  16. http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/news/...nterstitialskip
  18. I wonder if the Starland Vocal Band only sung about afternoon events????
  19. I'm willing to provide what ever support I can to help Mr. Eric Carmen achieve his desired goal related to his singing of "All By Myself" upon President Bush's exit walk from the White House on Jan. 20th, 2009. ---- Just in case anybody was wondering.
  20. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person. Have a great day Marlene!
  21. I get that a lot! Thanks again to everyone for the warm birthday wishes. Just got back from vacation yesterday. Had a blast --- need a vacation from my vacation! Found myself in Ocean City. Md. on my birthday --- life is good. Day before I won a few bucks in Atlantic City. Nice way to trot to the finish line of a 2 week vacation. ---- They might have to re-train me at work though! ---- Raspyrock Joe
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