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  1. Well Paulie, --- is he truly gay or just a switch-hitter?
  2. More chicks for me!!!!! Every 2 (or 3) guys in a relationship means more chicks for me!! Woooo --- Hoooooooo!!!!
  3. Another view --- NFL dropped the ball, not the ref, on blown call: http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/26784063/
  4. Is the Govt. practicing corp. socialism?
  5. If folks don't raise their children to be honest & accountable, do we really expect them to be that way when they grow up?? This not only affects Govt. or Wall Street, but if someone cheats their way thru med school, someone else could get the wrong leg amputated.
  6. I give out the least info possible. I don't even like giving it to the govt. --- not only about the 'big brother' aspect, but more about their carelessness. Didn't I hear somewhere that some of the tax returns were/are handled in India??
  7. I'm likely voting a split ticket. So they can keep an eye on each other, when they're not entertaining tycoons or vica-versa.
  8. We had some talk of this at work today and concluded that a rule change may be coming. I feel at very least, the call can be corrected especially if the errant whistle did not effect the actions and efforts of the players, and thereby the end result ---- which would have been the case in this particular game. I could see where the league would be hesitant to overturn a known incorrect whistling dead of a play if that whistle caused players to 'let up' or not go after the play, but like I said, I don't think that was the case this time. Officials should suffer something for their blatant, glaring errors. ***** PaulieM, I'm almost glad I traded you Chris Chambers. We might have to take up a collection for ya or something!! ( Now watch, you'll stomp me later in the season )
  9. Lots of ABBA tunes in Mamma Mia. Need to convince the writers of 'Almost Famous' to write another one called 'Previously Famous' to re-count the Raspberries halcyon days of the early 70's w/ plenty of 'Berries tunes. Maybe include a new tune upon the closing credits? Just a few ideas to ponder.
  10. YEP, Change is constant & New information leads to new perspective!
  11. AAAHHHHH! The ol' FBNP's!!! Fly By Night Posters!
  12. It dawned on me earlier in the day that, while it's really great the amount of love and support that has been shown here for Eric, what likely matters most is how much Eric loves himself???
  13. We all love Eric and Bernie, of course. Bernie: You do a great job. We all thank you.
  14. I was thinking earlier of the millions on the planet that would love to be in his shoes. No matter what the issue is, that's possibly bumming him out or whatever, the upside to his life is 100 times greater than any downside. None of us have perfect lives. If something isn't just right, it will change. Change is constant. Best spelling of the word: lIFe. Our choice.
  15. Happy Birthday AL ------ Have a great one!
  16. I wonder if someone associated w/ the media tipped off the police or what?
  17. Could this spur a new song??? Many songs were written from adversity. A counter-point to the Winehouse song might impress the judge.
  18. More clarity on the incident w/ this link: http://m.wkyc.com/news.jsp?key=59030&rc=en
  19. Shouldn't someone go to jail, as per Enron episode?
  20. I noticed the street name right off the bat too.Hopefully no one was hurt --- do we know for sure?
  21. Need I say anymore? : http://www.herobuilders.com/08.htm
  22. More glad I picked the Chicago DEF. on my fantasy team!
  23. LOL --- I hear ya ... and Palin is a plain ol' gal to many.
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