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  1. Eric, I knew something was amiss when they ( Bush admin.) let the museums be plundered in Iraq. Not nearly enough MP's. They protected the oil ministry though. Kurds still reasonably like us,

    that's why I think tri-partition is a good thing.

    They should have their own country since they are the largest ethnic group without a country. Then if the Sunnis & Shiites wanna duke it -- fine. "Let Satan cast out Satan".

  2. Ah hell, you guys got me fired up again. There is global warming going on --- no doubt. How much natural and how much man-made?? Who knows for certain?? But we need to prepare. There will be benefits and drawbacks to this -- still need to prepare.

    I even voted for Gore in the '88 primaries & in 2000. Not my 1st choice now, but may be OK depending on the field. I voted against Bush both times, especially since Cheney was going to find Bush a running mate and picked himself! I wasn't crazy about Kerry ( liked Gephardt better ) but picked him over Bush. I explained it to someone like this: With Kerry, you will complain while he's in office & with Bush we'll be complaining years after he's left office! Bush is simply more concerned with his 'legacy' than serving the country.

  3. OK Eric, you're already my fave singer/songwriter and now I see you're politically astute. I'm glad to see some passion on these issues. I view a lot of what Bush has done as anti-American and some people just don't get it. America is best when it leads by example --- NOT always being interventionists! Now I think 'tri-partition' is the best route for Iraq - a la Yugoslavia break-up. No noise coming from the former Yugoslavia lately!?! I like Hagel & Edwards too. H. Clinton

    tends to preach down to people just like Bush.

    Edwards-Richardson ticket would be nice ---- like to see some serious 3rd parties emerge.

  4. Followed the Raspberries starting in the summer of '72. I liked the music even when I thought they were singing "Baby, please go-oh away" & then a dj announced the title " Go All The Way" and -- oh, now I really like it.

    Now if we can just get "I'm a Rocker" on a CD+G format so I can sing that one at Karaoke too!!

    "Go All The Way" brings smiles at karaoke & MMLC brings sing-alongs and people asking who sings it, upon which I eagerly reply.

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