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  1. I don't think Eric is wasting time on here. Heck, one day he may write a song about the postings on here. You just never know.
  2. All sniffers at full tilt now!!
  3. OOPS, missed a word: "Just my VIEW -- I could be wrong -- but probably not.
  4. I agree with hollies65 view that "The whole Iraq situation has been totaly bungled". You could make a case for Bush's 'axis of evil' but why did we invade the wrong one?? Oil, finish what his dad didn't, or what?? Of the 3, Iran & N. Korea are closer to being a nuke threat. Iraq was a bit of a counter-balance to Iran, which has been more of a concern starting w/ the 444 days of holding Americans hostage and providing help to those that blew up the Marine base in Beirut. Something can still be salvaged if handled properly. I've been touting tri-partition for a while now, no matter what concerns the Turks have about the Kurds. Joe Biden wants something close to this: a loose federation of semi-autonomous territories. Sometimes it's just better to break up countries than people ... I mean if they really don't get along. Then American forces ( and possibly others since it would look like a real exit strategy ) would help w/ border patrol and stay away from internal security and internal issues in general, of the 3 new countries!! Need less troops to manage this kind of arrangement. Things seem to be fairly peaceful in Serbia, Croatia & Bosnia since the break-up of Yugoslavia. Nothing succeds like success!! Just my -- I could be wrong -- but probably not.
  5. Great post pauliemississippi --- you cracked me up!! Rumble seat takes on new meaning!!
  6. Carrot cake & butter pecan ice cream for me!!
  7. Eric, I knew something was amiss when they ( Bush admin.) let the museums be plundered in Iraq. Not nearly enough MP's. They protected the oil ministry though. Kurds still reasonably like us, that's why I think tri-partition is a good thing. They should have their own country since they are the largest ethnic group without a country. Then if the Sunnis & Shiites wanna duke it -- fine. "Let Satan cast out Satan".
  8. Found a good link on GOP problems. MSNBC.com has linked over to a Newsweek article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18507722/site/newsweek/
  9. Ah hell, you guys got me fired up again. There is global warming going on --- no doubt. How much natural and how much man-made?? Who knows for certain?? But we need to prepare. There will be benefits and drawbacks to this -- still need to prepare. I even voted for Gore in the '88 primaries & in 2000. Not my 1st choice now, but may be OK depending on the field. I voted against Bush both times, especially since Cheney was going to find Bush a running mate and picked himself! I wasn't crazy about Kerry ( liked Gephardt better ) but picked him over Bush. I explained it to someone like this: With Kerry, you will complain while he's in office & with Bush we'll be complaining years after he's left office! Bush is simply more concerned with his 'legacy' than serving the country.
  10. Glad to see things are looking up Eric. I feel like when all is said & done, 2007 will be a banner year for you. Take care. --- The Joe Man
  11. Black is always classic, just don't lean up against it in the heat of the summer. Timing is always the key at car dealerships -- so I've found in the past. Now it's time to buy the radar detector Eric! (And just get the used SUV as a winter rat).
  12. OK Eric, you're already my fave singer/songwriter and now I see you're politically astute. I'm glad to see some passion on these issues. I view a lot of what Bush has done as anti-American and some people just don't get it. America is best when it leads by example --- NOT always being interventionists! Now I think 'tri-partition' is the best route for Iraq - a la Yugoslavia break-up. No noise coming from the former Yugoslavia lately!?! I like Hagel & Edwards too. H. Clinton tends to preach down to people just like Bush. Edwards-Richardson ticket would be nice ---- like to see some serious 3rd parties emerge.
  13. Was the internal debate between British and German cars .... or just between purple and black??
  14. AnniekNY : I've heard about the maint. issues too. Good chance Eric knows the best mechanics in Cleveland and has other vehicle options too.
  15. SWEET ride Eric. Nice choice. Long hot days YOU'LL be catchin' the rays! Enjoy!
  16. I remember Travolta's effort was pedestrian, compared to Eric's superb singing. Like to hear how it came about too.
  17. Hey HT -- exactly ... as a 12/13 y.o. I didn't pay close attention at 1st but knew I liked the punchy music. Go All The Way came out in the Summer of 72. Lot's of good tunes out then like Long Cool Woman, Back Stabbers, Guitar Man, etc.
  18. Followed the Raspberries starting in the summer of '72. I liked the music even when I thought they were singing "Baby, please go-oh away" & then a dj announced the title " Go All The Way" and -- oh, now I really like it. Now if we can just get "I'm a Rocker" on a CD+G format so I can sing that one at Karaoke too!! "Go All The Way" brings smiles at karaoke & MMLC brings sing-alongs and people asking who sings it, upon which I eagerly reply.
  19. Hmmmmmmm!! Could be a good thing!
  20. I have to say I caught that ("Welcome to a very board of nice people.") too. Figured it was a play on words ... and it seems the 'berry best served up some double entendre's (spelling??) in the past too. All fits right in. Thanx again for all the welcomes.
  21. Thanks for the welcome Bessieboo. I could see there are some comics on here --- I might fit right in!
  22. Any genealogy experts on here? ... or someone live near the Cleveland courthouse/vital records? ... or just ask Eric I suppose.
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