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  1. Congrats to Caroline Chin in neighboring Alpharetta, GA ( and my current work locale ) on winning a pin.
  2. Looks like there may be some real help on the way. Or more to the point, Big Oil may have already screwed themselves but they don't know it yet. Increased prices making alternatives look better. Big fleets are taking alternatives more serious. See this UPS link: http://community.ups.com/environment/fuels.html Also heard that municipal bus lines are going for this. Biodiesel is coming along too: http://www.imperiumrenewables.com/ Market forces & innovation will slowly correct this situation. If most all the fleets in the country go for alternate fuels then demand for usual fuels will drop and so will the prices. More usage and distribution of new fuels will cause those prices to drop too which could spell the death knell for big oil as we know it. How do you like us now Middle East!! In a weird way big oil may be doing us a favor!!
  3. Sometimes I will cast the protest vote to show I'm disgusted w/ the status quo but I'm still out here and I still care.
  4. McCain is only about a tick above the H woman in my mind. Still think he would be better than Bush because he'd likely get good people around him and actually listen them. Still would like to see some 3rd parties in the mix.
  5. My stock is booming too so I'm not complaining too loudly. I am concerned about the deficits and the 1% percent item I posted above. And off-shoring of jobs! The "restaurant row" analogy is a worthy point. " Actions speak louder than words ".
  6. Hopefully just stalling until the next batch comes in.
  7. I always wondered if the Raspberries had of signed w/ another label, like Epic, would they have promoted the band better, better studio cuts, etc., and actually made more money (greater fame) for the band rather than the better up-front offer that Capitol Records made???
  8. I heard something recently about 1% of the Americans have about 1/3 of the wealth now -- a similiar scenario to the 1920's when Coolidge & Hoover did a number on us. If no one has any money to buy anything -- no one buys any products. No one buys any products -- businesses fail. Economic depression. Hardcore math = hardcore lifes.
  9. Love the tune. 2nd song I ever sung for karaoke. Sometimes I now sing it w/ the local live rock karaoke band 'Metalsome' ( http://www.metalsome.net/ ) even though it's not on their regular song list. Good taste hollies65.
  10. I posted this in another thread but decided it was worthy of it's own topic. Earlier posting: " If you really wanna be hoppin' mad check out this Equifax blunder: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/13333510/detail.html *** Even if big brother has no nefarious intent w/ your private data -- what diff. if they are poor stewards of it?? "
  11. I guess Dave's recovery is already complete but if not I could see Scott starting it out and then Dave taking over later or some other type of mixture. I think both are versatile beyond their main instrument so both could be onstage contributing at the same time too.
  12. I suppose we should ask Eric if there will be any re-releases of former singles ( or new singles ) to coincide w/ the late July release?? July is always a good month for a Raspberries release ... if memory serves.
  13. If you really wanna be hoppin' mad check out this Equifax blunder: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/13333510/detail.html *** Even if big brother has no nefarious intent w/ your private data -- what diff. if they are poor stewards of it??
  14. ... and we are pullin' for ya!! I think there will be more re-union shows than last time as interest has increased.
  15. Vegas &/or Hawaii would be worth a plane trip!!
  16. Too much plum wine --- and I like the stuff too!
  17. I love the Whitesnake stuff -- no doubt. When I sing w/ the Metalsome karaoke rock band I like to sing Here I Go Again + Slide It In .. & in the regular karaoke bars I will sing Is This Love. When you come see the 'Berries here in Atlanta we'll have to hit a karaike bar!! Note the optimism!!
  18. We always sing "land of the free and the home of the braves" down at the Ted in Atlanta. Need help w/ climbing octaves anyone. Patented crotch-vise only $19.95 But seriously, should there be any grants of additional licenses in Alaska ( ANWR or whatever ), it should be tied to that company building a new refinery. THAT should change their TUNE --- octaves and all!!
  19. Raspathens, add 2 add'l bands and go to the Georgia Dome baby!! Raspberries/KISS/Bon Jovi!! I'm brilliant!!!
  20. I hear you. Everyone one here seems to be pretty cool. --->>> We'll chat more later. Take Care.
  21. I may have to go to both just on GP. Try to schedule about a week apart so I can recover from the 1st gig!! Plenty of nice venues here in metro Atlanta: 1.) Philips Arena which seats 21,000 2.) Coca-Cola/HiFi Buys Amphitheatre ( HOB run ) 3.) Chastain Park ( saw you perform w/ Ringo ) 4.) Fox Theatre -- a traditional fave **** Marvin's got a point ... but relax dude, I'll swing by the airport and pick you up!!
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