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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!!!! ....... and ROCK ON !!! ..... as David Essex would say!
  2. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!! Hope it was good!
  3. Happy Birthday Dude!!! Glad you're on here with us. Still gonna try to smoke your RFL team ---- but your team looks way better than last year! Good luck brother man!
  4. My Redskins are slightly improved on offense and much improved on defense w/ the additions of Haynesworth & Orakpo. They've already plowed Brady into the turf this pre-season and MJD is still complaining about the hit Smoot put on him. Watch out QB's of the NFL.
  5. The 4th of July weekend, I heard IWBWY on a Tampa/St. Pete oldies station.
  6. Happy Birthday!!! Have a nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------ The JOE MAN (w/ slight reverb echo!!!)
  7. Thanks ALL for the kind words! You all are the best!
  8. Happy Birthday Wally!!!!!!! Keep Jammin'!!!!!!!!!
  9. The time is growing near.
  10. Hmmm. This may take some getting used to --- the new format that is.
  11. Nice Pick! er ... Pic! I'm a rocker too!!!!!!!
  12. Maybe Mel wakes up "Metal Health" every morning.
  13. As Steve Miller would say "Time keeps on slippin'..."
  14. Jailhouse Rock Against the Current ???
  15. We've been needing tax reform for some time, but I don't think we can blame the current admin. for all that. When Reagan said that govt. is the problem, he was right ( at that point in time ). The volume that exists on Wall Street now, far out paces what existed in the 80's and regulation has been woefully inadequate. Some regulation is good -- too much is bad. Traffic lights are a good regulation I think. Sometimes, due to volume, certain traffic lights are only flashing lights during early a.m. hours. What we need is BALANCE in our laws and regulations. We do need a simpler tax code though, in a big way!
  16. So, this is why I like living ... and divorcing in Georgia?! ... counselor raspathens may concur ... ??
  17. Mel realizes he's not a perfect guy ..... and intends to prove it every day!
  18. Kudos, high fives & fist bumps to Bernie. Nice job!!!
  19. I've noticed that about Dave.
  20. More info on Pole Shift: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pole_shift_hypothesis
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